Warframe: How To Use Tennokai

With the Whispers in the Walls update being released, players were able to get a whole new experience by taking on a quest and witnessing a new chapter of Warframe’s story.

One of the things that are later introduced after the Whispers in the Walls quest is Tennokai, which provides melee users with a new feature.

This allows you to deal a devastating blow (Heavy Attack) without losing your Combo Counter, allowing you to dish out a lot of damage continuously.

Mentor's Legacy Warframe

How To Unlock Tennokai?Mentor's Legacy Mod

Tennokai is introduced after you have completed the Whispers in the Walls quest, which ends up with you getting messages after its completion.

One of these messages is from Fibonacci, which includes the Mentor’s Legacy mod that can be equipped on melee weapons.

This must be equipped onto a melee weapon to enable Tennokai to be used for that specific weapon but there is no need to worry since this mod can be equipped on different melee weapons.

How To Use Tennokai?Using a weapon with Tennokai against the enemies

Once you have equipped a weapon with the Mentor’s Legacy mod, Tennokai will already be active for that weapon and once you have the weapon equipped, you can trigger this feature.

Tennokai is activated as you attack and kill enemies with your melee weapon, and you will notice this once your weapon glows and a sword icon appears near the middle of your screen.

After the icon appears, you may perform a Heavy Attack within a short duration without having your Combo Counter reset, allowing you to keep your combo going.

Timing is a bit important since the Tennokai charge will last for only a few seconds and if you fail to use your Heavy Attack before the logo disappears, it will disappear. (Tennokai deactivates)

Tennokai Melee AttackTennokai Melee Attack

When using Tennokai, your heavy attack won’t be the same as it normally is as this attack will be a faster heavy attack that deals the same amount of damage.

This is perfect for making combos that include a heavy attack, which still allows you to keep your Combo Counter to continue building it up or keep a max stack.

Thanks to this new feature, you can often include heavy attacks when fighting enemies to dish out more damage now and then.

Tennokai Slam Attacks

If you are wondering if Tennokai works with slam attacks, they do, and this is also another great way to hit a bunch of enemies who are close to each other.

Just like with heavy attacks on the ground, Tennokai can be utilized when you perform a slam attack and will not consume your Combo Counter.

This gives you another option on how to use Mentor’s Legacy when the Tennokai buff is activated during a fight.


Thanks to Tennokai, the melee fighting gameplay in Warframe just got a whole lot better and many players are now enjoying the feature.

It’s best to time your attacks right and wait for the sound or visuals of Tennokai before performing a heavy attack before the buff goes away.

Tennokai can be used in quick succession if you are fighting a lot of enemies, which makes it best to take advantage of the feature whenever you can.

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