How to Get Tennokai Mods in Warframe

The Whispers in the Walls introduced a new feature that bestows melee weapon users a huge benefit, which is known as Tennokai.

This is a feature that is activated by equipping one of the Tennokai Mods which can be purchased by the Tenno or obtained by doing Alchemy missions.

Once equipped with a melee weapon (Exilus Slot), there will be certain times when you can perform a Heavy Attack without consuming your combo meter.

Tennokai Mods Bundle Warframe

How To Get Tennokai Mods?Cambire (Alchemy Mission)

Tennokai Mods have a chance to drop from Rotation C on the Alchemy mission called Cambire, which can be found on Deimos.

Alchemy is a new mission type that requires that players mix elements in a Crucible by picking up Amphors that are dropped by enemies.

Amphors contain primary elements and these need to be brought to the Crucible to create a secondary element. (Elemental Combination)

The following are the drop chances of each Tennokai Mod:

  • Condition’s Perfection (12%)
  • Discipline’s Merit (6%)
  • Dreamer’s Wrath (6%)
  • Master’s Edge (12%)
  • Opportunity’s Reach (12%)

List of All Tennokai ModsTennokai Mods

Listed below are all the Tennokai mods that will activate Tennokai, where some may have additional effects.

1) Mentor’s Legacy (Uncommon)

The very first Tennokai Mod that you obtain by completing the Whispers in the Wall quest, which simply activates Tennokai.

2) Condition’s Perfection (Uncommon)

Enables Tennokai and increases the Status Chance by 25%/50%/75%/100% when you perform Tennokai Attacks.

3) Discipline’s Merit (Rare)

Enables Tennokai and provides you with Tennokai Opportunities every 7/6/5/4 melee hits instead of random occurrences.

4) Dreamer’s Wrath (Rare)

Increases the chance of Tennokai Opportunities by 12.5%/25%/37.5%/50% and increases the Heavy Attack damage by 8%/16%/24%/32% when performed.

5) Master’s Edge (Uncommon)

Aside from enabling Tennokai, this also increases the damage from Tennokai Attacks by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%/60% when performed.

6) Opportunity’s Reach (Uncommon)

Enables Tennokai and also increases the Opportunity Window to 2.8/3.2/3.6/4 seconds while also increasing the melee range of Tennokai Attacks by 0.75/1.5/2.25/3 meters.


The Tennokai Mods each have their uses when it comes to certain builds, which makes it best to use one that you can adapt to or that will improve your build.

One of the best things about these mods is that you can easily get to the max rank without consuming too much Endo on your end.

The addition of these mods has given several advantages and a whole new way to slice and dice your enemies with your favorite melee weapons.

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