Destiny 2 Winter Night Quest (The Dawning 2023)

During The Dawning event, Eva Levante will want you to bring some Dawning cheer to the enemies of humanity by throwing snowballs at their faces.

This will require that you progress in the event and eventually upgrade your snowballs to bring more fun to your enemies. (Not so fun for them actually)

In exchange for your efforts, Eva Levante will have a reward for you that is not available elsewhere until The Dawning event returns.

Eva Levante (Event Vendor)

How To Get Winter Night Quest?

The Winter Night quest is obtained from Eva Levanted only during The Dawning event, which happens in December as a way to celebrate the holidays.

This quest becomes obtainable once you have completed The Dawning quest and will be obtainable after you accept the Cookie Delivery Helper quest.

Winter Night Quest WalkthroughWinternight quest info

The Winter Night quest is pretty simple and requires that you progress by defeating enemies with snowballs, upgrading the snowballs that you use, and delivering a cookie.

You can start with the Classic Butter Cookie if you have the material but if you have just started, this can be done later.

You will need to first get 75 Snowball Final Blows, which means you should go around killing enemies to make them drop snowballs and use them to kill other enemies.

Once the first step is completed, you will need to upgrade your snowballs using Dawning Spirit to unlock the Long Winter and Stay Frosty upgrades. (Kill 25 enemies with the newly upgraded snowballs)

After you are done with all the snowballs, go ahead and make a Classic Butter Cookie, which requires the following:

  • Taken Butter (Obtained by defeating Taken enemies)
  • Superb Texture (Obtained by defeating enemies with your Super)
  • Essence of Dawning (Obtained from activities and playing during the event)

After making a Classic Butter Cookie, head over to Eva Levante and speak with her to give her the cookie and receive A Gift in Return from her.

Winter Night RewardsDawning memento

Once you have completed all the objectives in the first quest step, the second quest step requires that you talk to Eva Levante to complete Winter Night.

This will allow you to collect the Dawning Memento, which can be inserted into a Shaped weapon when you are using the Relic on Mars.

The Shaped weapon that has the Dawning Memento equipped will be granted additional vanity options but only one of these may be stored at a time.


Eva Levante loves spreading fun and joy during the holidays but this doesn’t mean that your enemies will be thrilled.

While throwing snowballs is one thing, upgrading them can take a bit of time as you need to progress a bit during the event.

In the end, you may end up using your Dawning Memento but it is said that you may still get more after finishing the quest by opening A Gift in Return.

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