Destiny 2 The Dawning Quest Steps (2022)

D2 The Dawning Event 2022

The season of giving is all around during Christmas and what better way to celebrate it than by learning how to give to some of the NPCs you know in Destiny 2.

The Dawning is a quest that teaches you how to make goodies, which later allows you to bake items that you can give to NPCs for rewards.

Not only will you get rewards from the NPCs but you will also be able to unlock more goods with Eva Levante during The Dawning.

How To Get The Dawning Quest?

The Dawning is a quest that is available during the Christmas event, which is also called The Dawning, and can be obtained by speaking to Eva Levante.

Eva Levante can be found in the Courtyard near the giant tree during The Dawning and will give you the quest.

The Dawning Quest Steps

Step 1: Use Eva’s Holiday Oven to Bake a Gift for Commander Zavala

After you have obtained The Dawning (Quest) from Eva Levante, you will need to bake Gjallardoodles for Commander Zavala.

This can be done by accessing Eva’s Holiday Oven from the Quest tab and accessing it to choose what you will make.

Eva Levante will already have given you the ingredients and you will simply have to just make the Gjallardoodles in the oven.

Step 2: Deliver Your Gift to Commander Zavala in the Tower Courtyard

Now that you have made the Gjallardoodles, make your way to Zavala in the courtyard and speak with him to give him your gift.

Step 3: Open Your Event Card and Claim Your First Event Challenge.

After you have learned how to bake goodies and give them to NPCs, you will need to open The Event Card which can be accessed in two ways.

You can view The Event Card by accessing your Quests tab or by speaking to Eva Levante.

Step 4: Return to Eva Levante to Let Her Know Zavala Has Received His Gift.

Once you have checked out The Event Card, speak with Eva Levante once more by interacting with her near the tree in the courtyard.

Step 5: Purchase an Upgrade from Eva Levante

Eva Levante will have given you some Dawning Spirit after you have completed the previous steps and you will need to purchase an upgrade from her to continue.

The only upgrade that will be available at the current time will be the Merrymaker upgrade, which allows you to receive a Boon of Friendship every day from Eva Levante.

Purchase the upgrade and you will be able to proceed to the last quest step.

Step 6: Return to Eva Levante in the Tower

After you have purchased an upgrade from Eva Levante, speak with her again and she will offer you a quest called Cookie Delivery Helper.

Once you accept the new quest, The Dawning (Quest) will be complete and you will have now started a new one.

The Dawning Rewards 

Completing The Dawning quest will allow you to now collect ingredients around the map by doing certain actions.

You will also be able to use Eva’s Holiday Oven for the rest of the period of the event and may continue to obtain rewards for giving gifts.

The Cookie Deliver Helper quest is started at the end of this quest.


With all that you have learned through this brief introduction, you will now be able to start giving gifts to the NPCs all around.

This will allow you to get certain rewards during The Dawning event as well as bonus items from the NPCs that you give gifts.

The Dawning is a great way to get little extra rewards and later on you can get a lot of goodies from The Event Card.

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