How To Get Personal Touch in Destiny 2 (Dawning Event 2023)

D2 Dawning Event“A delicious taste is achieved by getting up close and personal.”

Every kind of baked good needs a certain touch to them, in this case, it’s the ingredient known as Personal Touch.

Personal Touch is a material considered to be an ingredient that players can obtain during The Dawning event. This ingredient can be used throughout the event when it comes to making goodies to give to some of the NPCs in the game.

Where To Get Personal Touch?D2PersonalTouch

Personal Touch does not drop from any specific enemy and you can obtain it from any destination as long as you follow the requirements needed when defeating enemies.

The best places to go would be where you can find several enemies to defeat as each enemy can provide a chance to obtain Personal Touch.

How To Get Personal Touch?

You can obtain Personal Touch by chance when defeating an enemy with melee abilities,  which includes the effects that follow. It is also possible to obtain Personal Touch even if your melee ability is not charged, but it seems to have a lesser chance.

The best way for you to get Personal Touch would be to find a group of enemies and use your melee ability to defeat all of them in one go.

Personal Touch Uses

Personal Touch can be used to bake goods in Eva’s Holiday Oven, there are currently only 2 items that require it.

Recipes that require Personal Touch include the following:

  • Eliksni Birdseed
  • Lavender Ribbon Cookies


Personal Touch may be a little tricky to get at first, which is due to it being a rare ingredient and its low drop chance.

You can still get Personal Touch even when not focusing on it by simply using your melee abilities now and then, even when it is not charged.

Not only can you get Personal Touch, but whatever element you are using can also provide you with a chance to get other rare ingredients.

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