How To Get Echo Voca & It’s Uses in Warframe

Found within the laboratories of Albrecht Entrati, Echo Voca remains one of the faintest and rarer types of Voca in the game.

Released during the Whispers in the Walls update, this resource is required for players who wish to craft some of the new equipment and increase their Cavia Rank.

However, finding this resource is not that hard once you take the time to explore the laboratories and there are ways to make locating it easier.

Doing Survival Mission to get Echo Voca

Where To Get Echo Voca?

Echo Voca shares the same acquisition methods and locations with other types of Voca, being obtainable in the Albrecht Entrati’ Tilesets found within certain missions on Deimos.

The following are missions on Deimos that have the laboratory tileset:

  • Effervo (Assasination)
  • Munio (Mirror Defense)
  • Cambire (Alchemy)
  • Persto (Survival)
  • Nex (Exterminate)

How To Get Echo Voca?Echo Voca Item in Warframe

1) Collecting in Missions

You may find and pick up Echo Voca by exploring the laboratories on Deimos; these are noticeable by their glow and they appear as loot on your map.

This makes it easy to find them if you have loot detection mods equipped on your Warframe or Companion/Sentinel.

2) Rewards from Bounties

Doing Tier 5 Bounties that you can get from Fibonacci have a chance to reward you with Echo Voca as it can appear on the drop table.

3) Purchase Voca From Loid

You can purchase an Echo Voca from Loid now and then (resets every 8 hours) at the cost of certain resources found within the laboratories.

Echo Voca Uses

Echo Voca is required to Craft Qorvex (1 Echo Voca needed) as well as Grimoire (requires 10 Echo Voca), which were both introduced in the Whisper in the Walls update.

Increasing your Cavia Rank to 4 (Scholar) requires 1 Echo Voca while reaching Cavia Rank 5 (Illuminate) will require 10 Echo Voca.

Additionally, you may obtain the Helminth Coalescent Segment after reaching Rank 2 (Researcher) which will require 5 Echo Voca to build. 


Echo Voca may be considered as the rarest amongst the Voca that you can obtain but is still fairly easy since a lot may be found in a single run.

Make sure to equip loot detection mods to save you time and if you have the Parallax Ship, you can use its Air Support Ability to detect Voca quickly.

A total of 27 Echo Voca will be necessary to get everything you need from the Whispers in the Walls update if you don’t want to miss out on anything.

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