Warframe Qorvex (Farm, Abilities & Crafting Requirements)

Qorvex is a Warframe that was introduced during the Whispers in the Walls update, which was released on December 13, 2023.

This Warframe was designed by Albrecht Entrati to protect his Chosen Operator from the many hazards that exist in his laboratory.

Qorvex features abilities and stats that give him an advantage due to the survivability, crowd control, and damage that it can deal to groups of enemies.

Warframe Qorvex

How To Get Qorvex?

Obtaining the blueprints for Qorvex and its components involves playing through the new features introduced during the Whispers in the Walls updates.

These include going through the main quest and completing bounties or increasing your Cavia Standing to obtain the blueprints.

Qorvex Blueprint

Blueprint of Qorvex

Completing the Whispers in the Walls quest that was introduced during the update with the same name will allow you to obtain the Qorvex Blueprint.

This is given to you through a message that you can check in your inbox that is sent by Loid after you have finished the quest.

You will still need to obtain the components needed to complete Qorvex but this at least saves you the need to purchase the blueprint.

Bird 3 Offerings

Additional Qorvex Blueprints are available from the Bird 3 NPC, which can be found in the Sanctum Anatomica.

You can find Bird 3 on the third floor of the Sanctum Anatomica and will need to have a rank of at least Scholar to purchase the blueprint.

Purchasing the Qorvex Blueprint from Bird 3 will require that you have 50,000 Cavia Standing available from the syndicate.

Qorvex Components

Components of Qorvex

Once you have the Qorvex Blueprint, your next step will be to obtain the component blueprints needed to build the Warframe.

This can be done by completing Bounties that you can accept from Fibonacci, the talking fish with a large brain in the Sanctum Anatomica.

Each of the Bounties will often have resources and certain blueprints that you have a chance to get with every run.

Bird 3 Offerings

Aside from obtaining the Component Blueprints from Bounties, you can also purchase them from Bird 3 at the Sanctum Anatomica.

This will require that you have reached the rank of Scholar with the Cavia Syndicate and each blueprint will require a certain amount of resources to craft.

Each part will require 20,000 Cavia Standing to be purchased, making all 3 Component Blueprints cost 60,000 Cavia Standing.

Qorvex Crafting Requirements

To craft Qorvex, you will need to obtain all of his blueprints and gather resources that can be found in Deimos, mainly within the laboratories within the Sanctum Anatomica.

Vainthorn Blueprint

  • 1 Qorvex Neuroptics
  • 1 Qorvex Chassis
  • 1 Qorvex Systems
  • 1 Echo Voca
  • 25,000 Credits

Vainthorn Neuroptics

  • 2,300 Entrati Obols
  • 45 Necracoil
  • 25 Stela
  • 3 Entrati Lanthorn
  • 15,000 Credits

Vainthorn Chassis

Vainthorn Systems

  • 1,500 Entrati Obols
  • 60 Necracoil
  • 2 Argon Crystal
  • 4 Entrati Lanthorn
  • 15,000 Credits

Qorvex AbilitiesAbilities of Qorvex

Qorvex features a balance between offense and defense, having abilities that damage enemies and provide himself and his allies with protection.

Below is a list of the abilities that Qorvex has as well as the stats for their maximum ranks:


Qorvex’s passive provides him with an additional +3 Punch Through with the weapons that he wields, allowing him to pierce enemies easily with certain weapons.

1) Chyrinka Pillar

Using this ability allows Qorvex to hastily place down a Chyrinka Pillar that slows enemies within a certain radius around it.

Additionally, the Chyrinka Pillars that are placed down will send out pulses that deal Radiation Damage to enemies, which has a guaranteed Status Effect.

This ability is useful for dealing with multiple enemies and can be placed down more than once to defend an area or damage multiple targets.



Affected By


25 EnergyAbility Efficiency
Duration35 Seconds

Ability Duration


1,000 RadiationAbility Strength
Empowered Duration5 Seconds

Ability Duration


8 MetersAbility Range
Max Pillars2 Pillars





2) Containment Wall

Qorvex summons 2 walls on each side that slam together, which damages any enemies that are caught between them.

Enemies that are damaged by Containment Wall are affected by the Radiation Status and will take damage over time.

This ability is great for clearing out groups of enemies as it also pushes them together to make them easier targets when using your weapons or other abilities.



Affected By


50 EnergyAbility Efficiency
Range20 Meters

Ability Range


3,500 ImpactAbility Strength
Damage Per Second200 Radiation

Ability Strength

Damage Vulnerability

25%Ability Strength

3) Disometric Guard

Qorvex protects himself and nearby allies from incoming Status Effects once this ability has been activated, preventing their effects on those who are protected.

Kills and assists done by Qorvex to enemies affected by the Radiation Status improve the number of Status Effects that Disometric Guard can prevent.

This ability becomes useful when fighting multiple enemies, especially those who can inflict status effects that cause severe harm to Qorvex and his allies.



Affected By


75 EnergyAbility Efficiency
Area Damage100 Radiation

Ability Strength

Max Stacks

10 StacksAbility Strength

Initial Stacks

5 StacksAbility Strength
Chance Per Status10%


4) Crucible Blast

Qorvex utilizes his Crucible Core to unleash a devastating beam from his center, dealing damage to enemies that it comes in contact with.

Enemies that are damaged by the beam will suffer from Radiation Damage and will be inflicted with the Radiation Status Effect. (Enemies affected by Radiation will explode)

While the beam may have a limited amount of time, it can be used multiple times and can easily clear out enemies, especially after using the Containment Wall.



Affected By


100 EnergyAbility Efficiency
Range40 Meters

Ability Range

Damage Per Second

10,000 RadiationAbility Strength
Explosion Base Damage500 Radiation

Ability Strength

Explosion Damage Per Status

250 RadiationAbility Strength
Explosion Radius8 Meters

Ability Range

5) Qorvex Strategy

Qorvex works well in multiple ways and may utilize his Chyrinka Pillar ability to protect areas and inflict enemies with the Radiation Status Effect, making them vulnerable to his other abilities.

Containment Wall is perfect for setting enemies up for Crucible Blast since it inflicts Radiation Damage and applies the status effect.

Disometric Guard becomes very useful in more difficult missions, allowing Qorvex and his allies to survive after being affected by multiple status effects.

Crucible Blast is a one-way ticket to clearing out groups of enemies and benefits from his other abilities since it can cause explosions when killing enemies affected by Radiation.


Qorvex may appear to be a more sluggish Warframe when it comes to movement but in exchange, you get a tanky, high-damage Warframe that can mess up groups of enemies.

His survivability allows players to successfully do missions solo while he can also be a valuable asset when fighting alongside his allies.

Utilizing Qorvex’s abilities can make taking out groups of enemies a piece of cake and his guaranteed Radiation Status Effects can be a game changer in various situations.

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