Warframe Qorvex Build Guide (Our Tested Builds)

Qorvex is a Warframe that has proficiency in both defense and offense, being a sturdy fighter that can protect and deal tons of damage.

His abilities scale with certain mods and most builds allow him to devastate his enemies while he safeguards his allies.

Depending on how you plan to use Qorvex will sometimes require certain builds but all in all, his overall performance is always excellent due to the flexibility of his abilities and stats.

Qorvex Frame in Warframe

Effective Warframe Qorvex Builds

1) Balanced Build (Basic)

Basic Qorvex Build

This serves as a basic build that can be used and later modified to fit other playstyles but works well for beginners since they can easily make use of the boosted abilities.

Ability Strength has been improved beyond the other stats to provide Qorvex’s abilities with better effectiveness and a higher damage output.

No abilities have been negatively affected and all of them can be used more often to deal more damage or to protect you and your allies.

Once you have gotten the hang of Qorvex’s abilities, you can always modify this build until you get a more comfortable one.

2) Nuker Build (Burst Damage)

Qorvex Nuker Build

The Nuker Build provides Qorvex with the ability to cast his abilities more often without worrying too much about his energy.

This is set up by the addition of Streamline and Fleeting Expertise but there is a toll on his overall ability duration, which only affects his first ability. (Chyrinka Pillar)

Chyrinka Pillar can still be used though but this build is mainly meant for those who intend to spam Containment Wall and Crucible Blast.

With the increased Ability Strength and Ability Efficiency, you can deal more damage by continuously using skills more often.

3) Gladiator Build (Melee)

Gladiator Build Qorvex

With Qorvex’s ability to protect areas and push enemies toward the center of his Containment Wall, this build is utilized by those who focus on using melee weapons often.

The chance to get better critical hits during a fight along with Qorvex’s different abilities make this build worth using for those who can strategically jump into a fight.

Containment Wall is one of the more vital abilities in this build since it is used to bring enemies closer together, which allows you to finish them off with your melee attacks.

Another useful ability with this build is Disometric Guard, which is a good way to prevent you and your team from taking damage and suffering from Status Effects.

4) Tank Build (Survivability)

Survivability Build Qorvex

Our Tank Build for Qorvex shares similarities with our Basic Build but is more focused on providing the Warframe with increased survivability.

This involves increasing the Health and Armor (with some shields too) of Qorvex so that he can take on more damage from his enemies.

You may still utilize his abilities as they are boosted as well, which makes this build useful in more difficult missions.

Qorvex can often survive on his own with his build and may be the last resort when it comes to saving a whole team when the time comes.

5) Disabler Build (Range and Efficiency)

Qorvex Disabler Build

The Disabler Build is meant for Qorvex to wreak havoc on his enemies by disabling enemies in a large radius, which mainly uses the Cyrinka Pillar and Containment Wall abilities.

Chyrinka Pillar has its radius increased to the extent where several enemies will be affected while Containment Wall covers a larger range to get more enemies.

This makes it easy for Qorvex to damage, inflict status effects, and position a large number of enemies with fewer attempts using his abilities.

Allies who have Qorvex on their side with this build will easily be able to take out enemies and will be safer during fights.


Qorvex has abilities that can be used for different missions as he can inflict status effects, push enemies into one spot, and deal a lot of damage.

Depending on what mission you are going on and if you plan to join up with allies, his builds may vary but in most cases, he does exceptionally well almost anywhere.

Qorvex’s true power extends beyond these builds and he is more than capable of becoming stronger since he was originally designed to take on the enemies within the Sanctum Anatomica.

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