Warframe Tome (Grimoire) Mods & How to Get Them

The Grimoire is a powerful tome that provides its user with both the ability to deal a lot of damage as well as provide allies with buffs.

These buffs are created by completing certain actions such as killing enemies or using the Grimoire’s alternate attack in a mission.

There are multiple Tome Mods but only one may be equipped at a time, which makes it essential to choose which one you want to use.

Tome Mod Bundle

How To Get Grimoire (Tome) Mods?Munio (Mirror Defense) Mission

Grimoire Mods are obtained by doing the Munio Defense mission, which can be found on Deimos as it has a chance to reward you with a Tome Mod on Rotation C.

There is a 5% chance that a Tome Mod will be rewarded on Rotation C, which makes grinding the mission necessary to obtain them.

Another way to get all the Grimoire Mods quickly is to purchase the Essential Tome Mod Bundle, which includes all the Tome Mods for 140 Platinum.

List of Tome Mods

There are 2 types of Tome Mods, which are Canticle and Invocation, Canticle requires that you kill enemies for their effects while Invocation requires you to use the Grimoire’s alternate attack.

Below is a list of all the Tome Mods as well as the effects that they provide when the Grimoire is equipped with them. (Max Ranked Tome Mods)

Canticle (Activated by killing enemies)

  • Fass Canticle – Grants 40% Shield Recharge Rate and reduces Recharge Delay by 28% for 15 Seconds to allies within Affinity Range.
  • Lohk Canticle – Grants 30% Fire Rate For 15 Seconds to Allies within Affinity Range.
  • Khra Canticle – Enemies have a 12% chance to drop a Universal Orb on death.
  • Jahu Canticle – Reduces Armor and Shields of other enemies by 5% within the Affinity Range.

Invocation (Activated by using Grimoire Alternate Attack)

  • Xata Invocation – Grants 1 Energy Regen per second for 20 seconds for each enemy hit by the alternate attack. (Stacks 10 times)
  • Ris Invocation – Increases Ability Duration by 4% for 20 seconds for each enemy hit. (Stacks 15 times)
  • Netra Invocation – Increases Ability Efficiency by 4% for 20 seconds for each enemy hit. (Stacks 15 times)
  • Vome Invocation – Increases ability Strength by 4% for 20 seconds for each enemy hit. (Stacks 15 times)

Best Grimoire Mods

Based on how useful some of the Tome Mods may be, we have ranked them ranging from 1 to 8 with the last one being the least popular.

  1. Jahu Canticle – Great choice as it weakens all enemies.
  2. Vome Invocation – Useful for Warframes that focus on ability usage.
  3. Fass Canticle – Provides good survivability.
  4. Khra Canticle – Great for providing a team with health and energy regeneration.
  5. Xata Invocation – Provides a good way to quickly regenerate energy.
  6. Lohk Canticle – The additional Fire Rate can prove to be useful with certain weapons.
  7. Ris Invocation – Additional Ability Duration can work well for certain abilities.
  8. Netra Invocation – More Ability Efficiency can help certain Warframe.


While you can only use one Tome Mod for the Grimoire (you can always change it), there are many ways for you to make use of the buffs they provide.

Some teams can work together with multiple users having different Tome Mods to provide more buffs to their allies in a mission.

When choosing what Grimoire Mod you will use, it would be a good idea to make sure that you also benefit from the buffs so you can do your part in a mission.

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