Warframe Mirror Defense Mission Walkthrough

Warframe Mirror Defense Mission

The Mirror Defense mission was added during Citrine’s Last Wish update and remains to be a new mission type.

Players will have to defend 2 locations, which are where Rania is encased (Rania’s Crystal) and where Belric is encased (Belric’s Crystal) in different areas.

This mission is like a defense mission but has a few bonuses that players can take advantage of to get certain resources

Mirror Defense Mission Walkthrough

Mirror Defense repeats phase 1 and phase 2 as the rotations continue in the order of A, A, B, and C, providing certain rewards for each rotation.

Each rotation has a list of drops that can be obtained by players by chance and will all be acquired upon extracting from the mission.

Phase 1

During Phase 1, you will need to defend Rania’s Crystal, which will be attacked by Grineer enemies for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Once the time has run out, players will need to head to the next area which will be where Belric’s Crystal is located.

As you are defending Rania’s Crystal, you will be able to find Citrine’s Remnants in certain places that can be collected.

Transition Phase

Once you have defended one of the crystals, you will need to head over to the next area which requires you to pass through a Void Tunnel.

As you pass through the Void Tunnel, you will be able to find more of Citrine’s Remnants, which may be collected while the Void Tunnel is active.

There will be a timer that will deplete which will cause all of the remaining remnants to disappear, forcing you to proceed to the next area.

Phase 2

Whether you reach the destination or not, another timer will begin and you will need to defend Belric’s Crystal.

You will need to defend Belric’s Crystal just as you did with Rania’s Crystal until the timer runs out, which will open up the Void Portal once more.

Just like with the other side, you will be able to find Citrine’s Remnants spawning whenever enemies have been killed.

The mission will continue rotating between the two crystals until you extract from the mission or one of them is destroyed.

Citrine’s Remnants

Citrine’s Remnants will spawn often after a few seconds when you are killing enemies, which makes it important to roam while clearing them out.

It may be a bit risky to search for these if there are enemies around, so you must make sure the ones near the crystals are killed first.

Upon collecting 50 Citrine’s Remnants, you will be rewarded with Rania Crystal Fragments or Belric Crystal Fragments.

This will also restore a crystal’s health and grant it overshields for more protection against enemy attacks.


Doing Mirror Defense missions is one of the ways for you to get most of the items introduced with Citrine’s Last Wish.

Mirror Defense seems to be a combination of Survival and Defense missions, with a twist of protecting two locations.

If you are farming for Citrine, Steflos, or Corufell, you can farm what you can in this mission and purchase the rest with the currency you obtain.

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