Warframe Steflos Build Guide

Warframe Steflos Primary Weapon

The Steflos is a powerful energy weapon that fires heat projectiles that cover a large area as it goes forward to where you fire.

Although this weapon is considered a shotgun that has a short range, hitting an enemy will extend the distance at which its projectile travels.

With this weapon, you can easily take out groups of enemies that are together and can deal immense amounts of damage to tougher enemies.

Steflos Builds

1) Critical Build

Steflos Critical Build

The Steflos has a lower critical chance than status chance but that does not mean it can’t be built to deal critical damage often.

With this build, we boost its critical chance to 42% and this increases even more when enemies are killed thanks to Shrapnel Shot.

This will allow you to continuously deal large amounts of damage with a good chance for your shots to be critical hits.

2) Status Build

Steflos Status Build

Since the status chance of the Steflos is dominant, this makes the weapon perfect for a status build, which allows us to boost it up to 92.4%

With the inclusion of Galvanized Savvy, the status chance of the Steflos goes even higher and can guarantee that enemies will be inflicted with status effects.

To top it off, the four elemental status mods will boost the weapon’s damage, allowing you to destroy enemies with one or more hits.

3) Hybrid Build

Steflos Hybrid Build

Combining both critical chance as well as status chance to deal a lot of damage can be a good method for dealing damage.

With this build, the status chance of Steflos is boosted to 74.8% and this can be increased further with Galvanizing Savvy if you want to replace Shotgun Barrage.

The elemental damage increases the overall damage you do and status effects may be inflicted while critical damage can easily kill enemies.

4) Shrapnel Shot Hybrid Build

Steflos Shrapnel Shot Hybrid Build

This is a modification of the Hybrid build which included Galvanized Savvy as well as Shrapnel Shot to make up for removing the other elemental status mods.

One elemental status mod is enough to create an elemental combination while Shrapnel Shot will boost the weapon’s damage when an enemy is killed.

This build is good for taking out groups of enemies and can easily clear entire rows of them when fired in quick succession.


The Steflos is a good weapon in general and the innate heat damage it has makes it easy for you to create an elemental combination.

While its projectile may be slow, this allows you to strategically use the weapon along with others or plan out your attacks.

The overall damage capabilities of the weapon are great and when it comes to inflicting status effects, the Steflos does extremely well.