How To Get Steflos in Warframe

Warframe Steflos Primary Weapon

The Steflos is a powerful energy weapon that fires heat projectiles that cover a large area as it goes forward to where you fire.

Although this weapon is considered a shotgun that has a short range, hitting an enemy will extend the distance at which its projectile travels.

With this weapon, you can easily take out groups of enemies that are together and can deal immense amounts of damage to tougher enemies.

How To Get Steflos?

Mirror Defense

To obtain the Steflos, you will need to do the Mirror Defense mission, which is Tyana Pass and is located on Mars.

The Steflos Blueprint drops during Rotation A, which is the first and second round while the Steflos Receiver, Steflos Stock, and Steflos Barrel drop during Rotation B.

A good way to farm for Steflos would be to do Rotations A and B and simply repeat the mission afterward until you have all parts.

Unearth Citrine

Aside from doing the Mirror Defense mission, you can head over to the Necralisk and speak to Otak who sells the Steflos Blueprints and components.

These will cost Rania Crystal Fragments and Belric Crystal Fragments in the following amounts:

  • Steflos Blueprint – 300 Rania and 500 Belric
  • Steflos Barrel – 150 Rania and 250 Belric
  • Steflos Receiver – 150 Rania and 250 Belric
  • Steflos Stock –  150 Rania and 250 Belric

Additionally, the Steflos can be purchased for 240 Platinum and will include a Weapon Slot and a pre-installed Orokin Catalyst.

After getting Steflos, you may be wondering about it’s builds. In this Steflos build guide, we’ve covered some of the high damage builds. Do read our guide.

Steflos Market Prices

Visiting a site such as Warframe Market will allow you to purchase the Steflos parts for Platinum from players who you can trade with in-game.

Currently, the Steflos set excluding the Steflos Blueprint is being sold for around 35 to 55 Platinum by players.

Purchasing its parts individually will commonly have the following costs:

  • Steflos Barrel: 10 – 15
  • Steflos Receiver: 10 – 15
  • Steflos Stock : 10 – 20

Steflos Crafting Requirements

Steflos Blueprint

  • 20,000 Credits
  • 1 Steflos Barrel
  • 1 Steflos Receiver
  • 1 Steflos Stock
  • 4 Neurodes

Steflos Stats

Firing the Steflos releases a burst projectile that travels slowly forward, damaging enemies that it comes in contact with.

Each enemy that is hit will increase the distance that it travels, allowing it to hit more enemies that are close together or lined up.

The following are Steflos’s stats:


Ammo Maximum


Ammo Pickup


8 – 16

Fire Rate









Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier








Steflos Riven Suggestions

The Steflos on its own can prove to be quite powerful but it can further be improved if you have a Steflos Riven to install in it.

It is a good idea to improve the Multishot of the weapon to increase its projectiles or add elemental damage to it.

Is Steflos Good?

The Steflos is a powerful weapon and has similarities to the damage capabilities of the Arca Plasmor but it has a unique projectile.

Since the Steflos can fire projectiles that extend in travel distance, it can clear enemies based on how you use it.

When you compare the Steflos vs Arca Plasmor, the Steflos has less damage but a higher critical chance, which makes more players go for the Arca Plasmor.

The Steflos can however be used in a strategic manner depending on how you plan to fight enemies in certain missions.


The Steflos is a good weapon in general and the innate heat damage it has makes it easy for you to create an elemental combination.

While its projectile may be slow, this allows you to strategically use the weapon along with others or plan out your attacks.

The overall damage capabilities of the weapon are great and when it comes to inflicting status effects, the Steflos does extremely well.

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