How to Get Rania Crystal Fragment in Warframe

Rania Crystal Fragment Warframe

When Citrine’s Last Wish update arrived, we were introduced to Rania and Belric, who have both been encased in crystals.

These crystals needed to be defended but also gave something in return, which was the fragment and these are now valued by Otak.

Rania Crystal Fragments is more of a currency than a resource and is used mainly for making certain purchases in the Necralisk.

Where To Get Rania Crystal Fragment?

Rania Crystal Fragments may be obtained on Mars by doing the Mirror Defense mission, which is also known as Tyana Pass.

In the mission, there are multiple sources where you can get Rania Crystal Fragments and it remains to be the go-to place to get them.

Players who have already unlocked Mars will be able to access the Mirror Defense mission if they have unlocked the nodes that lead to it.

How To Get Rania Crystal Fragment?

There are multiple ways for Rania Crystal Fragment farming but this can only be done in the Mirror Defense mission called Tyana Pass.

When you are on the mission, you can obtain fragments by collecting 50 Citrine’s Remnants, which will automatically add the Rania Crystal Fragments to your inventory.

As you progress through the rotations, each one of them may reward you with 10 of each fragment per rotation.

Rania Crystal Fragment UsesRania Crystal Uses Warframe

Rania Crystal Fragments are used alongside Belric Cyrstal Fragments to purchase certain items from Otak in the Necralisk.

Items that are to be purchased from Otak usually require more Rania Crystal Fragments than Belric Crystal Fragments.

The following are what can be purchased with Rania Crystal Fragments and Belric Crystal Fragments:

  • Citrine Blueprint (500 Rania 500 Belric)
  • Citrine Chassis Blueprint (350 Rania 350 Belric)
  • Citrine Neuroptics Blueprint (350 Rania 350 Belric)
  • Citrine Systems Blueprint (350 Rania 300 Belric)
  • Corufell Blueprint (500 Rania 300 Belric)
  • Corufel Barrel (250 Rania 150 Belric)
  • Corufell Receiver (250 Rania 150 Belric)
  • Corufell Handle (250 Rania 150 Belric)
  • Steflos Blueprint (300 Rania 500 Belric)
  • Steflos Barrel (150 Rania 250 Belric)
  • Steflos Receiver (150 Rania 250 Belric)
  • Steflos Stock (150 Rania 250 Belric)
  • Arcane Steadfast (60 Rania 60 Belric)
  • Primary Plated Round (60 Rania 60 Belric)
  • Arcane Double Back (60 Rania 60 Belric)
  • Secondary Encumber (60 Rania 60 Belric)
  • Secondary Kinship (60 Rania 60 Belric)
  • Citrine Prex (100 Rania 100 Belric)
  • Citrine’s Last Wish Factory Scene (1,000 Rania 1,000 Belric)


Since Rania Crystal Fragments can only be obtained by doing Tyana Pass, you will need to spend some time repeating it to obtain all of the items from Otak.

Rania Crystal Fragments are sometimes referred to as Red Crystals by players and can often be farmed with a squad if you opt for public matchmaking.

While you are farming Rania Crystal Fragments, likely, you will also obtain Belric Crystal Fragments during your sessions.

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