How To Get Belric Crystal Fragment in Warframe

Warframe Belric Crystal Fragment

Belric Crystal Fragments are one of the currencies that were added during Citrine’s Last Wish update, alongside Rania Crystal Fragments.

This currency is used to purchase certain goods from Otak in the Necralisk, making it valuable to those who want to obtain Citrine and her signature weapons.

There is currently only one way to get these as the mission they can be obtained in was also introduced during the update.

Where To Get Belric Crystal Fragment?

You may obtain Belric Crystal Fragments when you are doing the Tyana Pass Mirror Defense mission, which is one of the nodes on Mars.

This mission is similar to a defense mission but also has gameplay that is similar to a survival mission, making it unique.

Aside from being able to obtain Belric Crystal Fragments, which are referred to simply as Blue Crystals by some players, you can also obtain Rania Crystal Fragments at Tyana Pass.

How To Get Belric Crystal Fragment?

Doing the Mirror Defense mission, Tyana Pass, is the only way for you to get Belric Crystal Fragments and there are multiple ways to get it.

As you defend each of the crystals during the mission, there will be Citrine’s Remnants that spawn from time to time that you can collect.

Obtaining 50 will reward with this currency while completing each rotation will do so as well, making it easy to farm Belric Crystal Fragments.

Belric Crystal Fragment UsesBelric Crystal Uses in Warframe

Belric Crystal Fragments are needed along with Rania Crystal Fragments when you wish to buy items in the Unearth Citrine menu from Otak.

Certain items will require more Belric Crystal Fragments than Rania Crystal Fragments and the amount for each requires both currencies.

You can purchase the following items using Belric Crystal Fragments and Rania Crystal Fragments:

  • Citrine Blueprint (500 Belric 500 Rania)
  • Citrine Chassis Blueprint (350 Belric 350 Rania)
  • Citrine Neuroptics Blueprint (350 Belric 350 Rania)
  • Citrine Systems Blueprint (300 Belric 350 Rania)
  • Corufell Blueprint (300 Belric 600 Rania)
  • Corufel Barrel (150 Belric 250 Rania)
  • Corufell Receiver (250 Belric 150 Rania)
  • Corufell Handle (150 Belric 250 Rania)
  • Steflos Blueprint (500 Belric 300 Rania)
  • Steflos Barrel (250 Belric 150 Rania)
  • Steflos Receiver (250 Belric 150 Rania)
  • Steflos Stock (250 Belric 150 Rania)
  • Arcane Steadfast (60 Belric 60 Rania)
  • Primary Plated Round (60 Belric 60 Rania)
  • Arcane Double Back (60 Belric 60 Rania)
  • Secondary Encumber (60 Belric 60 Rania)
  • Secondary Kinship (60 Belric 60 Rania)
  • Citrine Prex (100 Belric 100 Rania)
  • Citrine’s Last Wish Factory Scene (1,000 Belric 1,000 Rania)


Belric Crystal Fragments are needed in large amounts but it’s a good thing they can easily be farmed by repeating the Mirror Defense mission.

Players can often farm Belric Crystal Fragments together to make it easier and this can be done by doing public games.

The chances of getting both Belric Crystal Fragments and Rania Crystal Fragments are guaranteed every time you do the Tyana Pass mission.

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