Warframe Corufell Build Guide

Warframe Corufell Melee Weapon

Get ready to smash and blast your enemies with Citrine’s signature Heavy Scythe, the Corufell, a unique weapon of immense power.

This Heavy Scythe can transform into a Gunblade, allowing you to shoot enemies with a ranged attack when performing a Heavy Attack.

With this weapon, you can destroy enemies up close or blast them from afar, dealing large amounts of damage to anyone that stands in your way.

Corufell Builds

1) Maiming Strike Build

Corufell Maiming Strike Build

The Corufell has good range on it and with a Maiming Strike Build, it can destroy enemies in an instant, which is our main Critical Build for the weapon.

This build can be modified to be without the use of Maiming Strike and it can simply be replaced by other mods based on your preference.

With this build, combos will build up to increase the critical chance even further, making it possible to deal high amounts of damage.

2) Elemental Critical Build

Corufell Elemental Critical Build

Another variation of our critical build involved the addition of an element or two elements to increase the damage of the weapon.

You can modify the elemental combination to match a certain faction to deal increased amounts of damage to it with our attacks.

All the mods in the build make the Corfufell faster and improve its chance to score critical hits against numerous enemies.

3) Status Build

Corufell Status Build

While this is not recommended, those who favor status effects and a good deal of damage can resort to the Status Build.

This combines four different elemental status mods to provide the Corufell with a higher status chance and two elemental combinations.

You can modify which elemental combinations will be active based on how you arrange them and can even deal additional damage to certain factions.

4) Hybrid Build

Corufell Hybrid Build

Focusing on both status effects and critical hits, the Corufell Hybrid Build focuses on weakening enemies and finishing them off with critical hits.

With an increase in status chance, enemies will be more susceptible to being inflicted with status effects while the increase in critical chance makes it easier to deal critical hits to enemies.

This build has an increased amount of damage thanks to the two elemental status mods and will deal even more thanks to Condition Overload when enemies are inflicted.

5) Gladiator Build

Corufell Gladiator Build

If you are a fan of the Gladiator mods and want to boost your critical attacks even further, you can settle for the Corufell Gladiator Build.

This features all of the melee Gladiator Set mods and will increase your critical chance based on how high your combo is, which stacks with Blood Rush.

Using Warframe Gladiator Mods is advisable to complete the whole set, making you score even more critical hits with higher combos.


The Corufell is a great weapon when you focus on critical damage since its base critical chance is 26%, considered a good percentage.

When wielded by Citrine, the speed at which it turns into a Gunblade is increased, making it very effective in her hands.

A good way to make use of the Corufell would be to increase its range so that you can hit multiple enemies to build up your combo faster.