How To Get Stela & It’s Uses in Warframe

Stela is one of the resources added with the Whispers in the Walls update and is required for various uses in the game. (Considered as a rare resource)

Being one of the resources from the update, players will need this to craft certain items as well as progress with their Cavia Rank.

One of the main uses for Stela is to be used once you have installed the Helminth Coalescent Segment on your Orbiter for Archon Shard fusions.

Stela Warframe“This Void-touched stone contains an ominous essence”

Where To Get Stela?

Stela can be obtained from the Albrecht’s Laboratories tilesets as it drops from enemies that were introduced along with the update.

Aside from the laboratories, you also may find this resource by defeating enemies in the Murmur tilesets, especially if you find Murmur Sarcophagus containers. (Found in Murmur Tileset)

The following missions on Deimos tend to have Stela dropped from enemies and containers:

  • Cambire (Alchemy)
  • Effervo (Assasination)
  • Munio (Mirror Defense)
  • Nex (Exterminate)
  • Persto (Survival)

How To Get Stela?

There are multiple ways for you to get Stela but one of them is guaranteed and requires that you find a certain container.

1) Killing Murmurs

Defeating Murmurs to get Stela

With the many Murmurs lurking around in the laboratories, you can often get Stela now and then when defeating them.

This resource may be considered rare but appears to drop more often than necessary and can easily be farmed in Persto (Survival Mission) on Deimos.

2) Destroying Murmur Sarcophage Containers

Murmur Sarcophagus Containers

You can find Murmur Sarcophagus Containers in the Murmur Tileset, which is the area outside of the laboratory when exploring Albrecht’s Laboratory missions.

These can be found by looking for loot markers in your map (if you have loot detection mods) and may be destroyed for a guaranteed Stela drop.

Stela Uses in the Game

Stela is used to craft the Qorvex Chassis (20 Stela needed) and Qorvex Systems (25 Stela needed) components to build Qorvex. (Warframe)

It is also used to rank up to certain Cavia Ranks, which include the following ranks:

  • Cavia Rank 2 (Researcher) – 8 needed
  • Cavia Rank 3 (Colleague) – 16 needed
  • Cavia Rank 5 (Illuminate) – 32 needed

Once players obtain the Helminth Coalescent Segment installed in their Orbiter, Stela is used for Archon Shard Fusion.


Unlike other rare resources, Stela can easily be obtained in Albrecht’s Laboratories, providing you with a good amount within the first 5 minutes of exploring and killing enemies.

This resource can be doubled if you have a Resource Booster active and may drop more often when you use farming Warframes such as Khora, Nekros, and Hydroid.

Roaming around and destroying the containers found in the Murmur areas of the laboratories combined with killing multiple enemies is the best way to farm this resource.

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