Warframe Mandonel Build Guide (Our Tested Builds)

Whispers in the Walls introduced a new Archgun called Mandonel, which is a weapon capable of destroying enemies with a single shot.

This weapon fires a spread shot of projectiles that deal physical and Radiation damage and it can be charged up to unleash a powerful beam.

When modded to a certain extent, this weapon becomes a huge threat to enemies both in regular and Archwing missions.

Warframe Mandonel Archgun

Effective Warframe Mandonel Builds

1) Critical Cannon Build (Critical)

Mandonel Critical Cannon build

This Critical Build buffs up the damage of Mandonel by a long shot and introduces a secondary combined element for more damage.

You can alter the additional element by swapping the Elemental Damage Mods, which can play a huge role in dealing more damage to certain enemies.

The Parallax Scope mod provides Mandonel with a higher Critical Chance while Hollowed Bullets increases its Critical Multiplier.

Overall, this build aims to deal increased damage that comes from a high base damage along with the Critical Mods installed. (Works well with both primary and secondary attacks)

2) Status Inflictor Build (Status)

Mandonel Status Inflictor build

Our Status Build for Mandonel aims to deal high amounts of damage to targets as well as inflict Status Effects when shooting at your enemies.

The chance of Status Effects being inflicted is a result of the weapon’s base Status Chance as well as the additional mods that give both damage and Status Chance.

This allows you to not only damage your enemies with each projectile but also make them weaker, causing them to take damage over time and more based on the elements.

This build is also useful for Archwing Missions as well as when you are exploring with your Railjack and want to take the fight outside to target enemy ships.

3) Hybrid Mandonel Build (Critical and Status Hybrid)

Hybrid Mandonel build

Some prefer to go with critical builds while others choose status ones and if you are unsure of which you prefer, you can always go with a mixture of both.

The Hybrid Mandonel Build focuses on weakening enemies with Status Effects while also dealing high amounts of damage.

This makes it perfect for those who are facing tougher enemies who are protected with shields or armor since you can add another element to counter them.

The Elemental Status Mods in the build may be altered to choose a specific elemental combination to provide you with more damage against certain factions or to inflict a preferred Status Effect.

4) Mandonel Full Damage Build

Mandonel Full Damage build

Sometimes it is best to go all out with damage since you can take advantage of certain buffs or mechanics depending on what Warframe or Archwing you are using.

This build provides Mandonel with insane base damage along with two elements that have a chance to inflict Status Effects.

Using this build is often sought out for easier missions to clear out enemies but with the right Status Effects, you can easily crush tougher ones.

The choice between which elemental combinations you want depends on how you arrange the Elemental Damage Mods.


Mandonel has proven to be a powerful weapon, providing you with a burst of rounds for close-range or an Opticore-like beam for when enemies are distant.

Being a good weapon for both Archwing and regular missions, taking Mandonel with the right mods is a good way to destroy your enemies.

Whether you choose to use the spread projectiles or beam as a means of damaging your enemies, you are sure to get a lot of damage distributed with these builds.

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