How To Get Entrati Obols & It’s Uses in Warframe

Entrati Obols are one of the more common resources that were introduced to the game when the Whispers in the Walls update was released.

These common resources are required for crafting most of the equipment that came out during the update and are easy to obtain.

You will want to get a good amount of Entrati Obols if you plan on crafting gear from the Whispers in the Walls update, especially if it is crafting Qorvex, the Grimoire, or Ekhein.

Entrati Obols Warframe Item

Where To Get Entrati Obols?

Entrati Obols can be obtained from the Albrecht Laboratory locations, which are found on Deimos and can be accessed through navigation or from the Sanctum Anatomica.

All the locations associated with being a part of these laboratories will have enemies, containers, and even rewards that may include Entrati Obols.

Laboratory missions include the following on Deimos:

  • Cambire (Alchemy)
  • Effervo (Assasination)
  • Munio (Mirror Defense)
  • Nex (Exterminate)
  • Persto (Survival)

How To Get Entrati Obols?Defeating Enemies in Albrecht’s Laboratories to get Entrati Obols

There are currently ways to farm Entrati Obols, but some ways are better than others due to the amount of time you will spend and how much you can get.

1) Defeating Enemies

Killing enemies in Albrecht’s Laboratories is one of the fastest ways to get Entrati Obols as these drop as a common resource.

This means that you can use farming Warframes to get even more or simply kill as many enemies as you want until you have enough.

2) Destroying Containers

Certain containers can be found within Albrecht’s Laboratories and destroying these has a chance to provide Entrati Obols.

Not all containers will have Entrati Obols and some objects can be destroyed that do not give anything at all. (Furniture, lab equipment and more)

3) Rotation Rewards

On missions where there are rotations, you can often get Entrati Obols in larger amounts as a reward for doing them.

Rotations along with killing enemies is a good way to farm Entrati Obols and can sometimes be seen as a good option for those who are farming more than the resource.

Entrati Obols Uses

Entrati Obols are used to craft the Component Blueprints for Qorvex, which include the Qorvex Neuroptics, Qorvex Chassis, and Qorvex Systems.

The following are the amounts you will need for each component:

  • Qorvex Neuroptics (2,300)
  • Qorvex Chassis (1,900)
  • Qorvex Systems (1,500)

Crafting a new Grimoire (You get it for free in the Whispers in the Walls quest) will require 2,000 Entrati Obols along with other resources.

Ekhein is a melee weapon that requires 2400 Entrati Obols to be crafted and you can get this weapon later after you have progressed with your Cavia Rank.

Aside from being used for crafting, you will need 300 of these resources to reach Cavia Rank 1 (Assistant) and 1,500 to reach Cavia Rank 4 (Scholar).


Obtaining Entrati Obols may be one of the easiest things to do with the Whispers in the Walls update and as of now there are only a few uses for them.

All in all, you will need at least 12,000 (11,900 to be precise) to get everything introduced from the update that requires this resource.

Utilizing farming Warframes such as Nekros, Hydroid, and Khora is a good way to quickly get a lot of Entrati Obols efficiently.

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