Warframe The Duviri Paradox Quest Walkthrough

The Duviri Paradox is a quest in Warframe that was introduced to give players an alternate beginning in the game, allowing them to choose the path of The Drifter.

It is during this quest that the origin of The Drifter and their connection to the Tenno are explained from a point of view originating in Duviri.

During this quest, you take control of The Drifter who later gains powers and even finds a way to control a Warframe and even Orokin creatures.

How To Get The Duviri Paradox Quest?

Being an alternative introduction to the game, The Duviri Paradox acts as a quest for both new players and veterans.

You will have the choice to choose between whether you want to start from the original path or experience The Duviri Paradox when playing for the first time.

Veteran players may experience The Duviri Paradox even if they are far in the game by accepting it from their Codex onboard the Orbiter.

The Duviri Paradox Quest Walkthrough

The Duviri Paradox has a set of missions that players will get to experience, giving them control of The Drifter and later, a dormant Warframe.

Below is a brief description of each of the missions that you will encounter in The Duviri Paradox quest as well as the objectives.

The Spiral Mission

The Drifter awakens from an eternal loop of trying to escape Duviri and finally manages to do the impossible with the help of an unknown force, later revealed to be the Tenno.

This mission serves as an introduction to how to play the game from The Duviri Paradox point of view and guides you during your first steps into the paradox.

Below are the objectives of The Spiral Mission:

  • Let The Left Hand Guide Your Escape
  • Let The Left Hand Guide You
  • Find A Way Across The Bridge
  • Talk To Bombastine
  • Follow The Guiding Light
  • Guide The Reflection Into The Light
  • Let The Left Hand Guide You
  • Enter The Portal
  • Explore Cave
  • Speak With The Old Man
  • Equip Sun & Moon
  • Spend Intrinsics
  • Leave Cave
  • Defeat The Dax
  • Escape To The Mainland
  • Choose A Warframe
  • Enter The Portal
  • Learn The Ways Of The Tenno
  • Prove Your Command Of Warframe Abilities
  • Select A Secondary Weapon
  • Prove Your Secondary Weapon Proficiency
  • Select A Primary Weapon
  • Prove Your Primary Weapon Proficiency
  • Select A Melee Weapon
  • Prove Your Melee Weapon Proficiency
  • Return Through The Portal When Ready
  • Talk To Teshin
  • Look Around
  • Gear Up

The Prince of Fire Mission

The Drifter realizes that he needs to start collecting parts to complete a figurine that will help him escape his endless loop and enters Duviri.

It is during this mission that Duviri has been set in the cycle of Lodun, who demands you help him take taxes from the Dax.

Below are the objectives of The Prince of Fire Mission:

  • Stage 1 – Defeat The Dax Guarding The Treasure
  • Stage 2 – Enter The Undercroft (Survival)
  • Stage 3 – Defeat The Dax
  • Stage 4 – Enter The Undercroft (Void Flood)
  • Stage 5 – Defeat The Chest’s Guardian
  • Stage 6 – Investigate Paradox
  • Return To Teshin’s Cave
  • Rest By The Fire

The Harbinger of Joy Mission

After collecting one of the missing parts of the figurine, The Drifter makes his way back into Duviri to search for another paradox to find it.

The cycle in Duviri has once again changed and this time, Mathila tries to send The Drifter out to do leisurely tasks.

Below are the objectives of The Harbinger of Joy Mission.

  • Enter Duviri
  • Stage 1 – Win The Kaithe Race
  • Stage 2 – Enter The Undercroft (Excavation)
  • Stage 3 – Herd Tamms
  • Stage 4 – Enter The Undercroft (Exterminate)
  • Stage 5 – Find The Hidden Chest
  • Stage 6 Energize Shrine
  • Conquer The Maze
  • Investigate Paradox
  • Return To Teshin’s Cave
  • Assemble Figurine
  • Return To Dormizome

The Covetous Courtier Mission

Now with two parts of the figurine already obtained, The Drifter sets out to find yet another one after having a break from his journey.

He now steps into the Duviri whilst it is under the influence of Bombastine, who requests that you help him get a taste of the king’s power.

Below are the objectives of The Covetous Courtier Mission:

  • Enter Duviri
  • Stage 1 – Reconnect The Power Lines
  • Collect Reward
  • Stage 2 – Enter The Undercroft (Void Flood)
  • Stage 3 – Guide your Reflection Into The Light
  • Collect Reward
  • Stage 4 – Enter The Undercroft (Defense)
  • Stage 5 – Defeat The High Ground Dax
  • Stage 6 – Assemble The Shrine
  • Defeat The Hollow Thrax
  • Assemble The Shrine
  • Investigate Paradox
  • Return To Teshin’s Cave
  • Assemble Figurine

The Execution Mission

After returning to the cave to assemble the figurine once more with a newly found part, The Drifter is surprised by an impostor who took Teshin’s form.

The Drifter must now escape the world he is thrown into and defeat the impostor to track Teshin down before he is executed.

Below are the objectives of The Execution Mission:

  • Survive
  • Escape Through The Portal
  • Defeat The Impostor
  • Find Teshin
  • Fight To The Thrax’s Island
  • Find Teshin

The Duviri Paradox Quest Rewards

The Duviri Paradox provides players with new resources, weapons, and a whole new experience in a new world called Duviri.

The following notable items are acquired after completing the quest:

  • Sun & Moon (Melee)
  • Mountain’s Edge (Mod)
  • Tales of Duviri Storybook

Aside from these rewards, players will be able to continue playing in Duviri to unlock more rewards and some of these can be used by your Warframe.


The Duviri Paradox tells a tale about a lost soul and how they were rescued and later on returning the favor to the one who helped them.

The Drifter is the focus of this quest but the ties between them and the Tenno are later revealed as you progress through the story.

It is possible to continue playing in Duviri if you are after certain rewards that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

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