Warframe Saggen Pearl (Locations & How to Get)

Saggen Pearls are one of the uncommon resources that can be found in Duviri but these are not obtained just anywhere, you need to find them in certain locations.

Being that these contained heavy liquids that are used by Thrax warriors to polish their weapons, they are usually kept by the locals.

If you need to grab your hands on Saggen Pearls, they are not too hard to obtain as long as you know where to look for them.

Warframe Saggen Pearl

Where To Get Saggen Pearl?

Saggen Pearls are commonly found around the homes and buildings of the citizens who live in Duviri and these are often contained in Saggen Wells.

You can find Saggen Wells by looking around the buildings and a lot of these can be found in the forts and camps of warriors who are in Duviri.

It is unlikely to find Saggen Pearls in the other areas as these are kept by the citizens of Duviri, making your best place to look is where they have built structures.

Some of the best places to seek out Saggen Wells would be in the following areas:

  • Throneguard Barracks
  • Primrose Village
  • Soprano Springs

Another good way to get Saggen Pearls is to find Curax Doles as these give both Saggen Pearls and Aggristone, which are abundant near homes and buildings.

How To Get Saggen Pearl?

You can find Saggen Pearl Formations in most of the areas in Duviri and these can be destroyed, which will cause them to drop Saggen Pearl.

These are found in most areas where grass does not exist and can later be easily spotted while you are running around or riding your Kaithe on the ground.

A Saggen Pearl formation can be destroyed by any type of attack, making it easy to shoot with your firearm while riding a Kaithe.

Saggen Pearls may also be obtained by destroying a Curax Dole, which are containers that are usually found near homes and buildings.

It is also possible to obtain Saggen Pearl as a reward for completing stages when you are doing The Duviri Experience or The Lone Story objectives.

Saggen Pearl Uses

Saggen Pearl is one of the main resources that is needed for crafting a weapon from Duviri called Edun, a polearm that can be thrown, which causes an explosion after.

Aside from being used to craft the Edun, Saggen Pearls are also used for installing Incarnon Genesis upgrades on specific weapons.

The following Incarnon Genesis upgrades require Saggen Pearls:

  • Lex Incarnon Genesis


The origin of Saggen Pearls is a bit of a mystery for now but it looks like these have been collected by warriors and are stored near their structures.

Saggen Pearls are more common than players would have thought as they are easily farmed by destroying Curax Doles.

Although it seems Saggen Pearls does not have that many uses, it is still worth getting a ton of if you want to craft Edun.

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