Warframe Kovnik (Locations & How to Get)

Kovnik is one of the more common resources that were added when The Duviri Paradox came out and is one of the easiest resources to get.

These are harvested from the leaves of a Kovnik Plant and may be used later when crafting certain items that become available later in the game.

While these can easily be found, the numbers at which they can be harvested are limited, making them sought out by the citizens of Duviri.

Warframe Kovnik

Where To Get Kovnik?

Kovnik can be found all around the grassy parts of Duviri wherever the Kovnik Plants can be found as they are more likely to grow there.

A good way to spot Kovnik would be to fly above Duviri and keep a lookout for the bright yellowish-green Kovnik plants.

Kovnik farming can only be done in Duviri and some of the best places are in the north of the map, mainly the grassy areas or ones near homes.

Some of the best places to farm Kovnik include the following areas:

  • Royalstead Pastures
  • Farbreeze Hamlet
  • Northwind Village
  • Mathila’s Farm

While Kovnik can be found in almost any area with a lot of grass around it, these places have been proven to be great spots to check for them.

How To Get Kovnik?The Drifter obtained Kovnik by destroying the Kovnik Plants in Duviri

Kovnik can be obtained by destroying the Kovnik Plants that you find around Duviri and this can be done by either shooting them or using your melee weapon.

Once a Kovnik Plant has been destroyed, Kovnik will fall to the ground and will be picked up if you are in the range of the resource.

You may shoot Kovnik Plants while you are riding a Kaithe and will be able to pick up the resource that is dropped by riding through it.

Kovnik can also be obtained as a reward for completing stages when you are doing either The Duviri Experience or The Lone Story objectives.

Kovnik Uses

Kovnik is one of the resources needed for crafting the Sun & Moon dual nikanas and the Sampotes hammer, which are both Duviri weapons.

Aside from being used for crafting Duviri weapons, Kovnik is also one of the resources needed for installing Incarnon Genesis upgrades.

The following are the weapons that have Incarnon Genesis upgrades that require Kovnik:

  • Bo Incarnon Genesis


Farming Kovnik is very easy since you can find it almost anywhere and the best way to check for it would be to keep an eye out from a distance.

Some of the areas have a lot of Kovnik Plants near each other, making it easy to go on a farming spree if you need a bundle of them.

While Duviri may have a lot of other locations where other resources can be found, it is best to search with areas that have grass for Kovnik Plants.

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