Warframe Sampotes (Blueprint, How to Get, Build & Riven)

The Sampotes is a weapon that was used by those who would be considered brute warriors and is mainly seen being wielded by Dax Malleus enemies.

This weapon is capable of creating massive slams that can deal damage in a large area as well as create multiple explosions.

When it comes to destroying groups of enemies, the Sampotes make things look easy, especially when it has been modded.

Warframe Sampotes Melee Weapon

How To Get Sampotes (Teshin’s Cave)?

Sampotes Blueprint

Being one of the weapons that were introduced in The Duviri Paradox, you can only obtain the weapon by purchasing it from Teshin’s Cave or the market.

When purchasing from Teshin’s Cave, you will have the option to choose between using Pathos Clamp or Platinum to get Sampotes.

You will need either 60 Pathos Clamp to purchase Sampotes for The Drifter and will receive its blueprint in the Origin System or you can buy it for 375 Platinum for a fully built one.

Sampotes Crafting Requirements

Sampotes Blueprint

  • 20 Silphsela
  • 30 Rune Marrow
  • 40 Kovnik
  • 150 Aggristone
  • 30,000 Credits

Sampotes Stats

The Sampotes is a powerful Duviri hammer that is capable of causing explosions with its different slam attacks, featuring a balance of both critical and status chance.

The following are Sampotes’s stats:


Attack Speed


Blocking Angle

Combo Duration


Follow Through



Slam Attack

Slam Radial Damage


Slam Radius

Slide Attack



Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier












Slam Attack


Slam Radial Damage

Slam Radius


Wind Up


Sampotes Special Attack (Shockwave Slams)Sampotes Shockwave Slams

The Sampotes have enhanced slam attacks, which send out shockwaves to damage enemies in the affected areas based on the slam attack.

Normal slam attacks cause damage in a medium area around you and send a line of small explosions travelling forward.

Heavy slam attacks create a large blast around you and send forth rows of explosions travelling forward from your location.

Sampotes Builds

1) Spinning Hammer Build (Maiming Strike Build)

Sampotes Spinning Hammer Build

Sometimes letting a hammer go wild is just the thing to smash in a group of enemies, which is why we have this spin to win build.

The Sampotes can deal a good amount of damage, especially when built for critical hits but to make things even more deadly, we added Maiming Strike.

The critical mods alone including Blood Rush are enough to boost your critical chance but when you have Maiming Strike, each slide attack has an even more critical chance.

2) Basher Build (Critical Damage Build)

Sampotes Basher Build

Sometimes a good way to smash your enemies is with a touch of critical chaos, which is what this build was made to do.

We have boosted the critical chance of the Sampotes to 66% but it doesn’t end there because, with Blood Rush, the critical chance scales higher with your combo meter.

The higher your combo is, the higher the critical chance from Blood Rush becomes and with the addition of elemental damage, you can deal more damage to certain enemies.

3) Weeping Wounds Build (Status Build)

Sampotes Weeping Wounds Build

The Weeping Wounds build for the Sampotes makes use of status mods, allowing it to inflict enemies with status effects to deal damage.

Included in the build is Condition Overload, which makes enemies take more damage from the Sampotes while they are affected by status effects.

With a high status chance, enemies are guaranteed to suffer from status effects, leaving them to be easy targets to finish off afterwards.

4) Primer Finisher (Condition Overload Build)

Sampotes Primer Finisher

The Sampotes can deal a lot of damage, especially when you use them against enemies who have been primed by your other weapons.

This build features Condition Overload to deal more damage against enemies suffering from status effects and Blood Rush to increase the critical chance of your attacks.

These mods combined with critical mods allow Sampotes to deal massive damage to primed enemies, making it easier to clear them out.

5) Hybrid Build (Critical and Status Build)

Sampotes Hybrid Build

If you seek to create a balance between critical chance and status chance, this is the build for you as these mods provide a way to inflict status effects and deal critical damage.

Blood Rush is equipped along with Condition Overload to deal more damage while 2 elemental damage and status mods are included for status effect infliction.

Additional critical mods are included to increase the effectiveness of the Sampotes’ critical prowess, allowing you to deal critical damage with elemental properties.

Sampotes Riven Suggestions

Sampotes may not be as fast as other weapons, but they can deal a lot of damage and is good for damaging groups of enemies, which makes attack speed a good option for Rivens.

Critical builds can go for damage, critical damage and even add elemental properties to further increase the pain you can cause to enemies.

Status builds would benefit from different elements and status chances to increase the sources of damage that enemies can suffer from.

Is Sampotes Good?

Sampotes is probably the most expensive Duviri weapon in terms of Pathos Clamp for a reason, which makes this possibly a reason why some would consider it worth it.

If you are wondering how good the Sampotes are, its slam attacks can hit enemies further away, making it great for fighting multiple enemies.

Building the Sampotes to deal quicker hits and going for a critical, status or even hybrid build will allow you to quickly take out enemies because of its decent stats and damage.


In the hands of The Drifter, the Sampotes is already a formidable weapon and once held by a Warframe, it is pretty much an easy way to smash an enemy.

The Sampotes can be altered with several builds and since it has a good balance of critical and status chance, you can adjust your mods to fight your play style.

While its attacks may be slow, you can always equip the Sampotes with mods such as Berserker Fury and/or Quickening.

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