Warframe Azothane (Blueprint, How to Get, Build & Riven)

One of the dual-handed Nikanas that was introduced with The Duviri Paradox update was the Azothane, a powerful weapon used by Dax Equitems.

This two-handed Nikana proves to be one of the swiftest weapons around regardless of its size and can be deadly in the hands of a Warframe.

It is capable of being used to swiftly slash through enemies and may even unleash a powerful shockwave once plunged and plucked from the ground.

Warframe Azothane Melee Weapon

How To Get Azothane? (Teshin’s Cave)

Azothane Blueprint

Azothane is a weapon that can first be obtained by The Drifter by purchasing it in Teshin’s Cave for Pathos Clamp or Platinum.

Once purchased, you get the version for The Drifter as well as a blueprint that can be crafted for your Warframe to use the weapon.

You may purchase Azothane for 50 Pathos Clamp and get the Azothane Blueprint later or purchase it with 250 Platinum to get it fully built.

Azothane Crafting Requirements

Azothane Blueprint

  • 5 Maw Fang
  • 30 Rune Marrow
  • 40 Yao Shrub
  • 100 Saggen Pearl
  • 30,000 Credits

Azothane Stats

Azothane features fast wide slashes that can hit multiple enemies and can be used to deal damage around its user with a special shockwave attack.

The following are Azothane’s stats:


Attack Speed


Blocking angle

Combo Duration


Follow Through



Slam Attack

Slam Radial Damage


Slam Radius

Slide Attack



Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier












Slam Attack


Slam Radial Damage

Slam Radius


Wind up


Azothane Special Attack (AOE Shockwave)Azothane Shockwave

The Azothane has a different type of special attack from the other weapons that came out with its release, allowing you to plunge the weapon into the ground to unleash a shockwave.

This shockwave travels outward and deals the damage of your slam attack and can quickly build up your combo meter by hitting multiple enemies.

You can do this by holding the block button and pressing the melee attack, causing your Warframe to plunge the weapon into the ground and pull it out to release a shockwave.

Azothane Builds

1) Slide Attack Build (Maiming Strike Build)

Azothane Slide Attack Build

The Azothane is a long weapon, making it easier to hit multiple enemies with a slide attack, which is why we have included Maiming Strike.

Maiming Strike will increase your critical chance with slide attacks, and this is further boosted by Blood Rush, which provides a more critical chance based on your combo meter.

Using this build requires that you go head-on with enemies to build up your combo meter with attacks and occasionally (or repeatedly) use a slide attack to deal a lot of damage.

2) Quick Slasher Build (Critical Chance Build)

Azothane Quick Slasher Build

The Azothane deals a good amount of damage and to add more to its prowess, we have included critical mods to give it more of an edge.

This boosts its critical chance to 74.8% and with Blood Rush installed, this can go over and guarantee that you start getting red critical hits.

Carnis Mandible has been added to the build and this will allow you to trigger its ability when you kill an enemy with a heavy attack, which provides you with evasion and status immunity.

3) Weeping Wounds Build (Status Build)

Azothane Weeping Wounds Build

The Weeping Wounds build is opposite from our critical builds and focuses more on causing status effects and dealing increased damage to enemies inflicted with them.

Weeping Wounds are added to the build to provide you with status chance based on your combo meter and once you start slicing up your enemies, the combo meter rises.

This allows you to continuously inflict status effects on your enemies, guaranteeing that you deal more damage to them thanks to Condition Overload.

4) Hybrid Build (Critical and Status Chance Build)

Azothane Hybrid Build

When critical or status chance alone is not enough for you, there is always room to fit both into one build, which gives us the Azothane Hybrid Build.

This build focuses both on critical chance as well as status chance to deal critical hits and to inflict enemies with status effects when you strike them.

A combination of powerful strikes and causing enemies to become weakened or take damage over time can help you quickly clear up groups of enemies.

5) Gladiator Build (Gladiator Mods Build)

Azothane Gladiator Build

The Gladiator mods have a great way of enhancing a build, giving off a similar bonus that players can get when they install Blood Rush.

With Gladiator mods installed, you have a bonus to critical chance based on your combo meter and since Blood Rush gives the same boost, critical chance scales very high.

This allows you to continue slicing up your opponents to deal critical damage to them, which eventually leads to red critical hits.

Azothane Riven Suggestions

The Azothane on its own already deals a good amount of damage while it also has a high critical chance and decent status chance, making it have multiple useful builds.

Those who seek to make use of its critical chance may be interested in Riven mods that increase damage, critical chance or critical damage with the weapon.

Status chance or hybrid builds would rely on attack speed, damage and even additional elemental damage to increase the weapon’s elemental damage sources.

Is Azothane Good?

The Azothane is a good weapon and this is because its attacks are fast, it has a great base critical chance and damage.

Compared to some of the other two-handed Nikanas, Azothane may not have as much damage but it does possess a high critical chance and status chance, making it rely on mods.

Its special attack is a slam attack that can be performed quickly to deal damage around you, which is also a great way to increase your combo meter.

Azothane Stance

Being a two-handed Nikana, the Azothane is one of the weapons that is limited to only one stance mod, which is the Wise Razor stance.

It is also possible to use the Azothane without any stance mods, which sets the combos it has to a rather default form than the ones from Wise Razor.


Since its first appearance in The Duviri Paradox, Azothane has been one of the more unique weapons thanks to its shockwave attack.

Its ability to hit multiple targets makes it a good choice for facing groups up close and when modded well, it can devastate vast amounts of enemies.

In the hands of The Drifter, this fine blade is capable of destroying the toughest of enemies but when held by a Warframe, it can unleash chaos.

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