Warframe Cinta (Blueprint, How to Get, Build & Riven)

Cinta is a bow seen used by Dax Arcus enemies and may be acquired while exploring Duviri to be used later in the Origin System.

This bow is capable of firing charged shots to deal a large amount of damage that hits multiple enemies with a blast.

It can also swap to an alternate mode, which allows you to lay landmines in front of you while jumping back to avoid enemies and damage them.

Warframe Cinta Primary Weapon

How To Get Cinta Parts? (Enigma Gyrum Puzzles)

Cinta Blueprint and Components

You may obtain the Cinta Blueprint, Cinta Grip, Cinta Lower Limb, Cinta String and Cinta Upper Limb by completing Enigma Gyrum Puzzles.

Enigma Gyrum Puzzles can be found all over Duviri and may be solved by matching their symbols to the pillar where the Watchful Paragrimm sits.

Cinta Crafting Requirements

Cinta Blueprint

  • 1 Cinta Grip
  • 1 Cinta Lower Limb
  • 1 Cinta String
  • 1 Cinta Upper Limb
  • 25,000 Credits

Cinta Grip

  • 40 Kovnik
  • 6 Maw Fang
  • 50 Lamentus
  • 80 Aggristone

Cinta Lower Limb

  • 40 Eevani
  • 100 Ariette Scale
  • 50 Lamentus
  • 20 Silphsela

Cinta String

  • 40 Connla Sprout
  • 20 Tasoma Extract
  • 50 Lamentus
  • 75 Saggen Pearl

Cinta Upper Limb

  • 40 Yao Shrub
  • 60 Dracroot
  • 50 Lamentus
  • 80 Aggristone

Cinta Stats

The Cinta has 3 attacks and an alternative attack, which are a quick shot, charged shot and perfect shot along with its landmine attack.

The following are Cinta’s stats:



Ammo Maximum


Ammo Pickup

Charge Rate





Punch Through






Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier









Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier









Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier





Cinta Charged ShotCinta Charged Shot

While quick shots are a faster way to damage enemies, unleashing a charged shot is great for applying status effects and dealing damage to multiple enemies.

The Cinta’s charged shot deals heat damage and travels forward until it collides with a surface but it does penetrate other enemies.

To fire a charged shot, you will need to hold down the fire button and release it when the marker reaches the marked area on your reticle’s charge meter.

Cinta LandminesCinta Landmines

The Cinta is capable of being used as a way to leave traps for enemies while also evading them at the same time with its alternate attack mode.

To use this, you will need to press the alternate fire button, which will change your attacks from quick shots to leaping back and laying mines.

As your Warframe leaps back, a trail of arrows can be seen that will detonate after a short duration, damaging enemies who are within range.

Cinta Builds

1) Critical Shot Build (Critical Damage Build)

Cinta Critical Shot Build

The Cinta Critical Shot build was made for focusing on dealing critical damage to enemies, which is guaranteed with a charged shot.

A quick shot and perfect shot still have a good chance to score a critical hit and the damage will be different from the Charged Shot.

Since the Charged Shot has a high base heat damage, you will be able to deal insane amounts when perfectly timing your shots. (Charged shot is affected by damage mods)

2) Heavy Critical Build (Critical Elemental Damage Build)

Cinta Heavy Critical Build

Similar to our previous build, the Heavy Critical Build contains the Point Strike and Vital Sense mod but the rest of the mods have been replaced by elemental damage mods.

This provides the Cinta with large base damage and multiple elemental combinations to deal higher amounts of damage to enemies.

A charged shot with this build is capable of dealing a massive amount of damage, especially when the elemental combination is stronger against certain enemies.

3) Status Shots Build (Status Build)

Cinta Status Shots Build

For a build that is more focused on inflicting status effects, this build does quite well since both the charged shot and perfect shot go over 100% status chance.

This build can be used to deal large amounts of damage to enemies and may even be counted as a primer build to prepare enemies to be finished off with other weapons.

You can swap the elemental damage and status mods to alter the combinations when it comes to targeting a certain faction.

4) Hybrid Shots Build (Hybrid Build)

Cinta Hybrid Shots Build

Our hybrid build for Cinta includes both critical and status mods as this will allow you to deal large amounts of damage and cause enemies to suffer from status effects.

This is great for the Cinat’s charged shot as enemies are susceptible to the status effects and you already have an innate heat damage source.

In the case that the charge rate of the Cinta is too slow, you can always swap one of the Galvanized mods for one that increases the fire rate.

Cinta Riven Suggestions

Depending on what your build is, you will want to have Rivens that benefit the Cinta in different ways to maximize its damage and make use of its different shots.

For critical builds, it would be best to have a Riven mod that boosts damage, critical damage or critical chance and if you want elemental damage, that is a good choice too.

Status builds will require you to have elemental damage and possibly status chance as well to give the chance to inflict enemies with even more status effects from different elements.

Is Cinta Any Good?

The Cinta bow is a good weapon and if you mod it well, it can be even better because of its charged shot and perfect shot damage capabilities.

Comparing the Cinta with other bows is possible but its powerful shockwave-like charged shot can be useful in several situations.

All in all, Cinta can deal a heap of damage once you build its damage as well as focus on going for critical, status or hybrid builds.


While the Cinta BP and its parts may be a bit tiresome to get, a Cinta farm session for each time you run The Duviri Experience can get them in no time.

This weapon may be costly to craft but spending time in Duviri should have already prepared you with all the resources you need.

Cinta is great for dealing long-range damage to enemies but it does just as good up close and with the radius of its attack, you can easily take out multiple enemies at point blank.

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