Dead Island 2 Call the Cavalry Quest Walkthrough

You previously just saved the group at Emma Jaunt’s mansion from a lot of zombies and were able to seal the place to prevent further attacks.

As you went in to check on the others to tell them they were safe, a mysterious person later revealed to be Sam appeared and it turns out Emma knew him.

Sam has been through one of the zombie incidents before and it looks like you should get some information from him before you continue your journey.

Mysterious person named as Sam turns out at Emma Jaunt’s mansion

How To Get Call the Cavalry Quest?

Call the Cavalry quest begins right after you have saved Emma Jaunt’s group from a zombie attack, which is also where you created your first zombie-free zone.

Call the Cavalry ObjectivesPick Sam’s Brain is your first objective in the Call the Cavalry quest

1) Pick Sam’s Brain

After the cutscene where you meet Sam, the group heads off to the other areas of the mansion and you will now need to look for Sam.

His location will be marked by a waypoint and you will need to go to him and speak with him to learn what he knows.

2) Grab the Machete from the Workbench

After talking with Sam, he decides to teach you a bit about how to survive out in the open, which begins with how to upgrade weapons.

You will need to pick up the machete that is lying on top of the workbench (Uncommon Machete) which will be what you will upgrade.

3) Help Yourself to Nearby Parts You Can Use or Repurpose at the Workbench

There will be 4 containers nearby the workbench and you will need to interact with all of them to get some parts that will be used for upgrading.

The containers you need to interact with are the following:

  • Cooler
  • Vanity Case
  • Leather Trunk
  • Metal Crate

4) Get to Know Your New Best Friend: a Workbench

Now that you have a weapon to upgrade and some parts for doing it, you will need to interact with the workbench. (Sam gives you an Uncommon Melee Electrocutor Mod)

The next part will guide you through the upgrading process and you should follow it to upgrade what will be one of the best weapons you have for a few quests.

5) What’s Carlos Got for You?

Carlos will begin talking to you after you have upgraded a weapon and will tell you that he has a couple of things for you.

Speak with Carlos and he will offer you some meat, which can be used as bait as well as some “meds” that you can use.

6) Get Some “Meat Bait” from Carlos

Interact with Carlos, who is a trader NPC and this will open up the menu of what he has for sale but the Meat Bait will be obtainable for free.

Purchase the Meat Bait (costs nothing) and don’t forget to grab the Med Kits and Balanced Perk (Mod) which are also free.

7) Let Emma Know You’re Heading Out to Find the Authorities

After getting your freebies from Carlos, go ahead and make your way to Emma Jaunt, who will be up the stairs outside of one of her rooms. (follow the waypoint)

Once you are in her room, she will be outside next to the balcony and you will need to interact with the door to start a cutscene where you talk to her about leaving.

Leaving the Emma Jaunt Mansion after speaking with Emma

8) The House is Locked Up Tight, but Michael Can Let You Out the Back Door

Now that you have spoken with Emma, it’s time for you to leave and you will need to follow the waypoint to find Michael and speak with him.

9) Tell the Authorities You’re Immune

Now that you can leave the mansion, make your way through the doors and follow the waypoint that will lead you to the Halperin Hotel.

While making your way to the checkpoint, you will hear a voice through an intercom and will get a side quest called “The Death of the Party” which you can do now or later.

Continue making your way after receiving the side quest or after doing it and you will come across the Goat Pen.

You will need to make your way through but the place will be locked, but you can continue by going up the stairs on the right to reach the waypoint.

Killing Goat Pen Marissa on the stairs to drop the Goat Pen Keycard

10) Steal a Keycard for the Goat Pen

After reaching the waypoint, you will come across a locked gate with a Security Keypad band and will have to find the keycard inside the Goat Pen.

Make your way back to the Goat Pen and you can enter at the very end to the left side of the building once you are inside, there will be a set of stairs you can use.

As you go up the stairs, one of the zombies on the second floor will be named Goat Pen Marissa and once you kill her, she will drop the Goat Pen Keycard.

11) Tell the Authorities You’re Immune

Continue making your way back to the locked gate and use the Goat Pen Keycard to unlock it, which will allow you to continue making your way to the checkpoint.

Follow the waypoint until you reach the checkpoint, which will allow you to travel to the Halperin Hotel and this will bring you to a new location.

Fighting with the zombies while on the way to the lobby of the Halperin Hotel

12) Make Contact With the Authorities at the Halperin Hotel

Upon reaching the new area, you will need to continue following the waypoint until you reach the Halperin Hotel. (Don’t forget to grab the Shuriken (Curveball) that’s on the SUV.

Follow the waypoint and fight your way through the zombies until you reach the lobby of the Halperin Hotel, which is also full of zombies.

13) Look for Signs of Life in the Hotel

After clearing out the zombies outside, open the door to the lobby by removing the Uncommon Crowbar and you will need to fight off another group of zombies.

14) Kill ‘em all!

The zombies will come pouring out of the lobby and you will need to kill them off before you can continue with the quest.

15) Where’s that Voice Coming From

After clearing out the zombies in the lobby, you will hear a voice and will need to investigate where it is coming from.

Head straight from where you entered the lobby and interact with the door at the end and this will complete the Call the Cavalry quest.

Call the Cavalry Rewards

During, Call the Cavalry story quest, you are likely to reach level 5 and will be able to unlock the Pain Magazine survivor skill card.

Completing, Call the Cavalry will reward you with 1,500 XP.


It looks like the place where you were supposed to find the authorities has been overrun by zombies and a lot of dead bodies have been piled up.

Fortunately, you heard someone over the radio but it looks like they are taunting someone but you are wondering if it is you or someone else they are talking to.

You will need to check this out and see who the major is threatening and find them to get in touch with the authorities.

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