Dead Island 2 The Clean and Snatch Quest (Lost and Found)

After winding up in Beverly Hills, you may have come across a cache labelled Obi’s Things, which is part of a Lost and Found quest.

A note is on it which reads “A Parting Gift” which is a letter from a pool cleaner named Obi, saying his goodbyes as he plans to leave LA.

This is the start of what would appear to be a treasure hunt and the reward for this may just come in handy, especially when you want to slice up some zombies.

Dead Island 2 The Clean and Snatch quest (Lost and Found)

How To Get The Clean and Snatch Quest?

You can start the Clean and Snatch Lost and Found quest by interacting with the note on top of the cache called Obi’s Things.

This can be found in the pool within the safe zone where you first met Rikky and Roxanne during the O Michael Where Art Thou story quest.

The Clean and Snatch ObjectivesSearching for the notes around the pools of Beverly Hills

1) Follow the Paper Trail Around the Pools of Beverly Hills!

This one can be quite a hassle as there are a lot of pools but all you need to know is these are the three ones in front of the house where you found the note.

You will need to go to each of the houses marked in the image above to search for clues about Obi’s whereabouts to find him later.

Skipping this part will not work as he will only spawn once you have collected each of the 3 journal items at each of the pools.

The following need to be found:

  • Dave’s phone
  • Note for Michael
  • Obi’s phone

Once each of these has been obtained, Obi will spawn in Bel-Air as this is where he has gone to clean one of the pools.

2) Which Pool Belongs to Obi’s Crush?

Once you make your way to Bel-Air, you will need to search for a pool that has hints that were mentioned in his note.

This was the Unicorn Rubber Rings next to a Pizza Floatie, which if you remember, were located back at the GOAT Pen’s swimming pool, which is where you need to go.

Killing Obi The Pool Guy (Runner) at the GOAT Pen swimming pool

3) Pool Inspection!

Once you reach the swimming pool at the GOAT Pen, you will find Obi The Pool Guy (Runner) and will need to kill him.

There will be other zombies in the area as well as a Crusher but these should not be too hard to deal with if you lure them out.

4) Swipe Obi’s Keys

With Obi now dead, his keys are yours for the taking, so go ahead and grab Obi’s Keys and make your way back to his cache in Beverly Hills.

5) You Wouldn’t Steal a Stolen Sword! Would You?

Now that you have the keys and know where to go, the only thing left to do is to grab that sword that Obi stole from his client.

Head over to the safe zone at Beverly Hills (Rikky’s place) and open the cache labelled Obi’s Things to get the reward, which ends the quest after.

The Clean and Snatch Quest RewardsRare Electrocutor Officer’s Sword is a drop for completing The Clean and Snatch quest

Completing this quest will reward you with 2,000 XP and Obi’s Things will drop a Rare Electrocutor Officer’s Sword.

This weapon will be a huge help during the early game and its stats are not pretty bad, especially when you are still picking up lower-rarity gear.

This weapon features an innate Rare Melee Electrocutor Mod, which is something you won’t be getting your hands on anytime soon if you are still at a low level.


Obi had it bad for his crush and he seemed a bit desperate but in the end, he fled and seemed to only be looking after himself.

Sad to say, his last trip to make a little extra cash wound up with him becoming a zombie and no one is sure what happened to his crush. (Perhaps this could have been GOAT Pen Marissa)

With Obi gone and no one else to claim the antique sword, it looks like it’s up for keeps and now you have it with you.

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