Dead Island 2 Coach’s Car Keys Location & How to Get

Tennis can be a fun activity and when it comes to the zombocalypse, it might have been a good way to prepare you for the things that would have happened, except for the owner of this car.

As you are making your way back during the Chosen One quest or if you happen to be exploring around Bel-Air, you may notice a car parked outside the Swanson tennis court.

This car has a lockbox called Coach’s Car Trunk, which will have loot that you can get if you find the key that opens it.

Dead Island 2 Coach’s Car Trunk outside the Swanson tennis court in Bel-Air

Coach’s Car Trunk LocationCoach’s Car Trunk location is at the back of a vehicle near the Swanson mansion (the first place you start in Bel-Air)

You can find the Coach’s Car Trunk at the back of a vehicle, which is the Coach’s Car so this means that they should be somewhere nearby.

This can easily be accessed if you explore near the Swanson mansion (the first place you start in Bel-Air) and check the vehicle outside the tennis court.

Now that you know where the loot is located, it’s time to find out who has the key and a good place to start would be the tennis court.

How To Get Coach’s Car Keys?Killing Coach Ace to get the Coach’s Car Keys

You can get the Coach’s Car Keys by finding and killing Coach Ace, and this girl will chase after you until either you or her are dead.

Once you have killed Coach Ace, you can grab the Coach’s Car Keys and head over to the Coach’s Car Trunk to open it.

Coach’s Car Keys LocationCoach’s Car Keys location is at the the Swanson tennis court

The zombie holding the Coach’s Car Key is a zombie runner named Coach Ace and this girl can really run but you can still kill her easily.

Since we’re looking for a coach, this most likely means that they probably visited to play or teach and if you check out the Swanson tennis court, you will find them.

Coach’s Car Trunk LootRare Agile Golf Club is a loot for opening Coach's car trunk

Once opened, the Coach’s Car Trunk will drop a Rare Agile Golf Club, which has the Headhunter profile, making it great for bashing skulls.

It comes with an innate Agile perk, which provides you with a minor agility boost whenever you kill a zombie and this effect stacks.

This makes it easy to whack a bunch of zombies in the head and will make it easier when facing a group since you’ll be swinging like a madman.


By the time the zombies started to spread like hell in Bel-Air, you would think that those who were proficient in sports would have such an edge, sadly Coach Ace didn’t.

Too bad she couldn’t make use of her golf club to defend herself, it might have given her the chance to fight back against zombies.

While Coach Ace is long gone now and the golf club is in your hands, it is best you just use it for more than what it was meant to do, whack-a-mole some zombies.

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