Dead Island 2 The Chosen One Quest Walkthrough

After previously dancing it off with Becki the Bride and getting in touch with Dr. Reed, it’s time for you to leave the Halperin Hotel to head back to Emma Jaunt.

You have just learned that you may be the key to everyone’s survival against the zombie apocalypse but before heading back, you need to inform the others.

It’s time to make a trip back to Bel-Air to find Emma Jaunt and the gang to bring them with you to where Dr. Reed wants to meet up.

The Chosen One quest in Dead Island 2

How To Get The Chosen One Quest?

You will start The Chosen One quest after you have completed the Room Service for Major Booker quest, which previously had you defeat a gigantic bride and speak to Dr. Reed.

The Chosen One ObjectivesFollowing the waypoint that leads out of the Halperin Hotel to reach Bel-Air

1) Looks Like You’re Done Here

Now that you have finished what you have needed to do in the Halperin Hotel, it’s time for you to leave the area and make your way back to Bel-Air.

2) Head Back to Bel-Air

Follow the waypoint that leads you out of the Halperin Hotel and make your way towards the checkpoint that will take you back to Bel-Air.

Reached the Emma Jaunt’s Room in Bel-Air by following the waypoint

3) Head Back to Emma’s with the News

After travelling through the checkpoint and reaching Bel-Air, make your way to Emma Jaunt’s mansion to speak with the group.

Along the way, you might pass by the GOAT Pen and a side quest called #Clickbait can be done to gain some experience and some rewards.

Make your way to the mansion and go inside where you will follow the waypoint that leads to Emma Jaunt’s Room.

If you drop by the workbench before or after speaking with Emma, you will find that there is an Uncommon Melee Cremator Mod on the workbench.

Interacting with the door to Emma’s room will begin a cutscene where you talk about leaving as a group, but Emma says she will need to speak with Michael first, which ends the quest later.

The Chosen One Rewards

It is most likely that you will reach level 8 once you complete this quest, which unlocks a new Slayer slot for you and gets you the Vivisection survivor skill card.

Additionally, completing The Chosen One will reward you with 2,500 XP.


You have made it back after a tiring trip to tell Emma the good news, but she has her doubts, especially with Sam fixed on not cooperating with the authorities.

Emma has been convinced that she can change his mind thanks to you but wants to make sure that Michael, her PA, is okay with everything.

Now you are going to need to find Michael before Emma can convince everyone that it’s time to head over to meet up with Dr. Reed.

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