Dead Island 2 Halperin Security Guard’s Safe Key Location

Once you reach the Halperin Hotel, there will be a security booth near the underground parking area that has a Halperin Security Safe inside of it.

This is most likely owned by one of the guards who works there and to get the goodies inside, you will need to find the Security Guard’s Safe key.

To do this you will first need to open the booth to access the safe and afterwards, hunt down the zombie holding its key.

Dead Island 2 Security Safe in the Halperin Hotel

Halperin Security Safe LocationHalperin Security Safe location is inside the booth before reaching the Halperin Hotel

The Halperin Security Safe can be found inside the booth just before you reach the Halperin Hotel and can be seen inside of a booth.

To access the booth, you will need to destroy the maglocks that are keeping the door locked, which can be done by going to the back and destroying the first one.

The second one can be found inside the booth and can be destroyed by first shattering the window and throwing your weapon at the maglock. (An alarm will trigger zombies to ambush you)

How To Get Halperin Security Guard’s Safe Key?Attacking the Riot Gear Walker zombie to get the Halperin hotel Security Guard’s Safe Key

The Security Guard’s Safe Key is carried by a Riot Gear Walker zombie that is named Hotel Security and this one is tougher than the others that you find.

He won’t be wearing a helmet, so this makes it easy to deal damage to his head even if you are at a lower level than he is.

Halperin Security Guard’s Safe Key LocationSecurity Guard’s Safe Key Location (the Hotel Security Zombie) is in the underground parking

You can find the Hotel Security Zombie in the underground parking just beyond the booth but there will be other zombies in the area too.

Once you kill the Hotel Security zombie, he will drop the Security Guard’s Safe Key and you can use it to open the Halperin Security Safe.

Halperin Security Safe LootThe Halperin Security Safe drop is a Rare Violent Machete

Opening the Halperin Security Safe is known to drop a Rare Violent Machete, which has the Violent perk added to its stats.

The Violent perk causes the weapon to provide you with a moderate damage boost after you have killed a zombie, making it good for fighting multiple enemies.

The level and stats of this weapon may vary depending on when you open the Halperin Security Safe based on your current level and progress.


It is a bit strange that a security guard would be hoarding a machete in his security box but maybe he was just keeping it for later since zombies are already running around.

Sad to say the machete didn’t do him any good being locked up as he turned up to become one of them lurking in the underground car park.

Grabbing this weapon after visiting the Halperin Hotel does have its uses, especially with the Violent perk already innate in the weapon.

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