Dead Island 2 Michael Anders and the Holy Grail Quest Walkthrough

After saving Jessie, she pointed you in the direction where Michael had gone, which is at Monarch Studios and you finally reached the location.

Michael Anders and the Holy Grail quest in dead island 2

The studios are big and now you are going to need to find Michael in the whole mess while avoiding all the flesh-craving zombies within the area.

You will need to find a way to get inside the studios and locate Michael in hopes that nothing has gotten to him before you.

How To Get Michael Anders and the Holy Grail Quest?

Michael Anders and the Holy Grail quest begins after you have completed the Kwon With The Wind quest, where you first arrived at Monarch Studios.

Michael Anders and the Holy Grail ObjectivesFinding Michael

1) Find Michael before something else does

As you approach the gate to Monarch Studios, it will be sealed shut but you can get inside by going to your write through a damaged part of the wall.

Once you are within the premises, you will need to find a way inside, which can first be done by interacting with a door that says staff only.

2) Steal someone’s key to Sound Stage 7

The doors will be locked and you will need to find the keys that will give you access to the building, which can be found in the first trailer next to the main gate.

You will know it’s the right trailer by reading the plate that says “Alesis Hernandez ‘The Rise of the God-Spider’” and will need to go inside.

Once inside the trailer, head through the door to your right and the Stage 7 Key will be next to the sink, which you can now grab and use to get through the door from earlier.

Exploring the sets

3) Explore the sets

You will find yourself in an area that is set up like an alley and will have to find a way to open the gate at the end.

To do this, you will need to use the special effects system but it will be unpowered and this requires you to locate the Circuit Breaker and place it in the Breaker Panel to the very right.

The Circuit Breaker can be found to the left of the gate at the end after you climb up the parts of the set next to a dead body.

Bring the Circuit Breaker to the Breaker Panel and this will power the special effects system, which now requires you to activate the Temple Doors FX.

Zombies will begin to enter the area and you will need to fight your way through them to where the portal opened and make your way to the left.

Exploring the sets

Go through the door in the next area and you will be in a temple set, which requires you to clear your way through the enemies and make it to the end.

The path leading outside will need to be cleared out with jerry cans or you can simply run from the side and quickly break the boxes to get through the door.

Keep going once you are through the door and you eventually be out of the set and will need to continue searching for Michael.

4) Follow in Michael’s footsteps

As you excite the set, you will see footprints, which hints that Michael is on the move and you will need to search the area for where he may have gone.

Michael will be at Sound Stage 3 and you can quickly get there by checking your map to speed things up to avoid going in the wrong places.

5) Follow Michael through Sound Stage 3

Make your way inside and grab the Slaughter perk on the workbench and do any repairs or fabricating that you may need for later.

Once you are done, continue by following the waypoint which will lead you to a room with several sets which include an elevator.

6) Take the elevator

You will need to press the button next to the elevator to activate it and once this happens, zombies will start to close in on your location.

Holding off the new friends till the elevator arrives

7) Hold off your new friends till the elevator arrives

You will need to kill all of the zombies in the area before the elevator will open up and once it does, it will be revealed that it is simply a door and you can exit the building.

8) Take the elevator

Once all the zombies have been cleared out, head out of the elevator and you will now be out of the building and one step closer to finding Michael.

9) Save Michael from the monster

It turns out that you were not the only one that was following Michael and whatever was leaving all the goo all over the place was hot on his trail.

You will need to head over to the waypoint that marks a trailer and will need to interact with the door to begin a cutscene where you and Michael reunite.

Killing Alesis Hernandez

10) Kill it!

Your reunion will be cut short as a zombie arrives but this is no ordinary zombie, it is a Slobbers Apex Variant named Alesis Hernandez.

This zombie can spit out goo (known as caustic bile) that can deal damage to you over time and you will need to make use of your weapons, wits, and even the effects systems around you.

After dealing some damage to Alesis Hernandez, zombies will join the battle and you will need to quickly defeat him before being overrun.

11) Mop ‘em up

Now that the Slobbers zombie is killed, you will need to get rid of the remaining enemies in the area before speaking with Michael.

12) Tell Michael you’ve killed his stalker

After clearing up all the remaining zombies, head over to Michael and speak to him, which can be done by interacting with the trailer door.

This will begin a cutscene, where the two of you talk and he later tells you to go on ahead after Sam calls, ending the quest.

Michael Anders and the Holy Grail Rewards

Alesis Hernandez will drop an Uncommon Melee Liquidator Mod, which converts weapons to inflict caustic damage that can melt enemies.

Completing, Michael Anders and the Holy Grail quest will reward you with 4,000 XP.


Michael went through a lot of effort to give Emma hope and motivation while also gathering medicine for the whole group to show he can contribute.

It’s a good thing that you were able to get to him in time or else he might have melted and turned into a buffet.

Sam called during the conversation you were having with Michael and it looks like an opportunity to get firepower has arisen.

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