Dead Island 2 Cable Guy’s Van Key Location & How to Get

Whether it’s day or night sometimes the cable company has got to make its round but this time, it looks like the cable guy didn’t make it.

While you are on the streets, you may encounter the Cable Van Truck along Alpine Drive and this can later be opened once you find the keys for it.

During the earlier parts of the game, this will be one of the easiest lockboxes that you can open in the game to get a nice reward.

Dead Island 2 Cable Van Trunk in Alpine Drive

Cable Van Trunk LocationCable Van Trunk Location is at the back of The Cable Guy’s Van

You can find the Cable Van Trunk at the back of The Cable Guy’s Van, which is parked just out in front of the right entrance going out of the GOAT pen.

This may not be as obvious when you first pass by but once you find The Cable Guy, it’s hinted that his van is nearby.

You can easily spot the Van as it doesn’t fit in with the area, since most of the vehicles inside the GOAT pen are sports cars.

How To Get Cable Guy’s Van Key?Killing The Cable Guy (Shocking Walker) to get the Cable Guy’s Van Key

To get your hands on the Cable Guy’s Van Key, you will have to find a Shocking Walker named The Cable Guy, who you may mostly encounter after The Chosen One.

This guy is similar to most walkers but he passively releases an electrical discharge in an area, making it a bit dangerous if you don’t get out of the way.

You can easily take this guy out and just kick him away before he lets loose a discharge and once killed, he will drop the Cable Guy’s Van Key.

Cable Guy’s Van Key LocationCable Guy’s Van Key Location is in Alpine Drive

You can get the key from The Cable Guy, who can be found hanging around on Alpine Drive not too far away from his van.

Once you find his van, all you need to do is go north and you will find him as you continue along the road but be careful, there may be others with him.

Cable Van Trunk LootRare Electrocutor Tire Iron is a drop for opening the Cable Van Trunk

Once you have gotten the Cable Guy’s Van Key, you can open the Cable Van Trunk, and this will drop a Rare Electrocutor Tire Iron.

This Tire Iron has the Headhunter profile, which guarantees critical hits when you target an enemy’s head, dealing additional damage.

It is also equipped with the Rare Melee Electrocutor Mod, which converts your weapon damage to shock damage and has a good chance to electrify enemies.


The Cable Guy seems to have been making his rounds until he was infected but due to the electrical discharges he has, he probably electrocuted before or after being bitten.

While he is slow and weak, the electrical discharge makes him dangerous, especially with other enemies in the area who may attack you.

It is too bad about his awesome Tire Iron though, it seems like it could have suited him well but too bad, he won’t be needing it anymore.

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