Dead Island 2 Brock’s Safe Key Location & How to Get

When it comes to certain bodybuilders, they tend to get all bro-ish with almost everything, and in this case, even a lockbox has been named.

If you have explored the GOAT Pen house, you may have a safe called The Safe of Broseidon and this may contain something you would like to get your hands on.

To make things short, this safe is owned by a guy named Brock and this guy loves his muscles, making it obvious where he might be.

Dead Island 2 The Safe of Broseidon

The Safe of Broseidon LocationThe Safe of Broseidon is located in the GOAT Pen (Brock's Room)

If you have not found The Safe of Broseidon yet, it’s located in the GOAT Pen, which is just up the stairs to the very left before the doors that lead to the upper floor outside.

Instead of going outside, if you go to the right, you will find Brock’s room, which is where The Safe of Broseidon is located.

All you need to do is find Brock, who is still moving (not living) and will probably not give you the key without putting up a fight.

How To Get Brock’s Safe Key?Fighting with the GOAT Pen Brock to get Brock’s Safe Key

To get Brock’s Safe Key, you will need to find and kill what was once known as Brock (now GOAT Pen Brock) and he is quite tough.

If you’re wondering where Brock’s Safe Key is, well, he still has it but the only thing is that he is not Brock anymore and he seems pretty angry.

Brock’s Safe Key LocationBrock's safe key location is in the GOAT Pen gym

You can find Brock in the GOAT Pen gym, which is just to the right side of the swimming pool and he will start attacking you as soon as you open the doors.

Brock is a Crusher zombie and maybe a little tougher than the other ones to take down but once you kill him, you can take Brock’s Key and unlock The Safe of Broseidon.

The Safe of Broseidon LootGuarding Mace is a drop for opening the Safe of Broseidon

Opening the Safe of Broseidon will drop a Guarding Mace, which has the Guardian Perk pre-installed in it and features the maiming profile.

This mace will regain your stamina whenever you maim a target and with the Guardian perk, your toughness will be boosted when using it.

Using this weapon is great for charging into enemies who are weak against blunt damage and is a good way to reduce some damage while fighting enemies.


Brock seems to have turned to do what he loves and forgot to grab what was in his stash before he could try to defend himself.

While the Guarding Mace could have given him an upper hand, he was probably caught off guard pumping some weights as it looks like his face got munched.

Now that Brock is out of the picture, the Guarding Mace is now yours for keeps and you can now use it to smash zombie faces.

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