Dead Island 2 Justifiable Zombicide Quest Walkthrough

You were finally able to catch up to Michael and happened to save him from his stalker, which was a Slobbers type zombie that you faced for the first time.

Justifiable Zombicide

Michael had grabbed a couple of things, including an object that would be an inspiration to Emma which he would now take back since you both need to split up.

This was because Sam called you during your conversation and mentioned a big score of weapons that were too good to pass out on, which is where you will be heading.

How To Get Justifiable Zombicide Quest?

Justifiable Zombicide is the next quest after Michael Anders and the Holy Grail, which sets you out to meet up with Sam and Ronnie to pull a gun heist.

Justifiable Zombicide ObjectivesAnswering the distress call

1) Meet Sam B in Beverly Hills

After leaving Michael, you need to head back to Beverly Hills where Sam and Ronnie are waiting for you, which can be done by following the waypoint to the nearest checkpoint.

2) Answer the distress call

As you make your way towards the checkpoint to go to Beverly Hills, someone on the radio attempts to make contact and you will need to answer the call.

Head over to the radio and interact with it and this will begin a conversation with a person named Hana which ends with a side quest being obtained called The Rav-Ages of Caustic-X.

You can decide to head over to finish the side quest first or go to Sam B and just come back for it later when you have time.

3) Steal guns with Sam B

After speaking on the radio, head over to Beverly Hills via the checkpoint, which will allow you to travel back to the location.

4) Meet up with Sam B in Beverly Hills

Your exit will not be so easy as the gate leading outside is locked, which requires you to head into a facility to find a way out.

5) Find a way to open the gate

If you look opposite the gate, there will be an Electric Star (Curveball) that you can grab as well as a note that reveals that a person named Phil has the key.

Track down Phil’s key

6) Track down Phil’s key

Next to the note is a door that you can open and there will be a path blocked by caustic fluid which you can seal off if you go under to get the valve wheel through the damaged grating.

You will need to place the valve wheel on the caustic pipe valve and turn it as well as pull the water pipe lever to stop the caustic leak and clear it up so you can pass.

Crouch through the space and continue making your way to the next area, where there will be a Breaker Panel, but the Circuit Breaker will be past a section filled with caustic liquid.

You can dash through the side to get to it but there will be electricity in the water below the grating or you can head up on a platform and drop down to where the Circuit Breaker is.

There will be zombies in the area including a Crusher, so be prepared for a tough fight before you can bring the Circuit Break back to the Breaker Panel.

Place the Circuit Break in the Breaker Panel and the doors will open, allowing you to pass through until you find an area covered with fire.

Use the jerry cans to put the fire out and kill the Firefighter Walker in the area as you proceed making your way to the next room.

Track down Phil’s key

The next room will have 2 sections, you will want to start with the one on the right, which requires you to turn the valve in the center and the water lever on the right side to clear a path.

This will bring you to a room where you are required to rebalance the pressure, which is quite easy if you do it in the right order.

You can reset the pressure by first interacting with the first valve, followed by the valve that you can reach after crawling through the small space through a fence.

There will be electricity in the area but to the very left there will be a fuse box that you can destroy to disable it, allowing you to safely reach the valve.

Once you have interacted with both valves, the pressure will be rebalanced, and you can now head back to take the path on the left.

7) Get Phil’s Key

Take the path on the left by interacting with the caustic valve once more and the lever on the left to clear out what is left of the substance.

Once the path is clear, head over to the door at the end and open it, which will reveal that Phil is inside (Crusher Zombie) and you will need to kill him to get the Gate Control Room Key.

Inside the room where Phil was is the Brentwood Waste Bin, which you can come back for later once you have the Brentwood Waste Key.

8) Access the gate control room to open the main gate

Head back to where you started when you first got back to Beverly Hills and use the key to enter the gate control room.

You can open the gate by pressing the button in the room and don’t forget to grab the Empowering Perk that is on one of the shelves.

Meet up with Sam B

9) Meet up with Sam B

Follow the waypoint that leads to where Sam and Ronnie seem to have opened an entrance at the side of one of the houses to get in or maybe just went through it.

10) Break in and steal the guns

Once you see Sam and Ronnie, approach them and Sam will tell you to start busting the gate open, which you may attempt to do but will fail.

Interacting with the door will result in Sam stepping in to bust it open with his hammer during a cutscene, but zombies soon follow your group.

Sam stays behind to take on the zombies while you and Ron continue to make your way to search for the guns and you encounter the owner of the house behind the glass.

Ronnie taunts the zombie, but it appears they are an apex variant and screams at Ronnie, shattering the glass and knocking you both out of the way.

The screamer (revealed to be Nikki Gutte) begins biting into him and more walkers come and kill him, resulting in you facing the zombies alone.

Avenge Ronnie!

11) Avenge Ronnie!

You will have to kill Nikki Gutte and should watch out for her screams as well as her attacks as she does a large amount of damage.

When Nikki Gutte or any other screamer begins screaming, this disorients you and slows you down, but you can cancel the scream with a thrown weapon or curveball as well as other attacks.

Proceed with killing Nikki Gutte to calm things down in the area and if there are any other zombies remaining, you will need to clear them out too.

12) Mop ‘em up!

With Nikki Gutte killed, you will need to clear out any of the remaining zombies and once this is done, you can regroup with Sam.

13) Re-join Sam in the gun room

Sam will be inside the house already and you will need to follow the waypoint to reach him in the gun room, where he is already grabbing weapons.

14) Break the bad news

After meeting up with Sam in the gun room, interact with him to tell him about Ronnie, which causes a brief pause but the two of you need to continue.

15) Grab your weapon

Sam tells you that it’s time to head back to Emma’s and you will need to grab a weapon, which will be the Sporting Rifle in the room above the fireplace.

16) Get upstairs and take aim!

As soon as you grab the Sporting Rifle, you hear zombies screaming as they close in on your location, which is the result of them hearing the screamer.

Sam tells you to make your way upstairs to start shooting at anything that is making its way to the house as he is still packing up guns.

Make your way upstairs and position yourself by the window to get a better view of the area and use the ammo case to refill your ammo.

Killing all the Zombies

17) Kill ‘em all!

After using the ammo box, zombies will begin to appear in the area, and you will have to kill all of them before you can return to Sam.

This part is best played out by shooting the zombies before they can reach the house but if they get in, watch your back, and kill them when they reach you.

18) Regroup with Sam

Head back down to where Sam is and if you check one of the chairs, there will be a Speedloader Perk that you can pick up.

Speak with Sam and there will be a quick cutscene where Sam says he will meet up with you at the house and you try to convince him to head to Santa Monica.

Sam refuses and the two of you have an argument, which later ends the quest with you needing to go back to Emma’s. 

Justifiable Zombicide Rewards

Completing this quest will reward you with the Uncommon Ranged Puncturator mod and you will also gain 6,000 XP.

The Uncommon Puncturator mod allows your weapon to deal bleed damage and adds to its base damage while also providing a chance for successive hits to cause bleeding.

During the quest, you may find the following blueprints:

  • Speedloader Perk – Increases ranged weapon reload speed
  • Empowering Perk – Causes critical hits and heavy attacks to deal more damage

After you kill Nikki Gutte, a new Slayer slot will be unlocked for your skill cards.


While the idea of grabbing some extra firepower was a good idea, it looks like things went for a turn when Ronnie became zombie dinner.

Sam seems too neutral about what happened and just wants to get back as soon as he can with the weapons but refuses to head to Santa Monica.

It looks like you will need to rely on Emma to convince Sam to go with the group or else things may not go according to plan.

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