Dead Island 2 Michael’s Safe Key Location & How to Get

After exploring a bit in Beverly Hills, you might find yourself returning to Michael’s home, which may be due to a Lost and Found quest called The Clean and Snatch.

If you entered his home before, you will have noticed that Michael’s Safe Lockbox is located there, which means a key must be somewhere.

Michael must have been hiding something special, which may be worth taking since he has already ditched the place to run off with Emma.

Michael’s Safe Key Location

Michael’s Safe Location

Michael’s Safe is located just under his TV, which is easily seen the moment you jump into his home, which brings you to his living room.

You may have noticed this when you first visited Beverly Hills, but the key holder may not have spawned at the time.

Once you get the key to Michael’s Safe, you can open it but there is no need to worry, the holder appears sometime later when you visit again.

How to Get Michael’s Safe Key?

To get Michael’s Safe Key, you will need to find his protégé, who is now a Walker but seems to be a little tougher than the other ones.

Michael’s Protégé is a weaker zombie that has just been named and once you kill the zombie, it will drop Michael’s Safe Key.

Michael’s Safe Key Location

Michael’s Protégé will spawn outside around the front of Michael’s home and will often come to you once there is a commotion nearby.

Keep in mind that other zombies may appear in the area and it’s best to check your surroundings when searching for this guy.

Michael’s Safe Loot

After opening Michael’s Safe, you will be able to grab the Defiant Hunting Knife, which is a nice weapon to have if you like to unleash quick slashes.

This weapon comes with the Do or Die perk, which improves your toughness if you are in low health, giving you a fighting chance when you are about to die.

It also has the Frenzy weapon profile, which causes your rapid attack to trigger critical hits and increase your attack speed. (This stacks multiple times)


Being a protégé must be tough, especially when you were left to fend for your own and turned into a zombie but that’s history for now.

Michael may have been too busy focusing on Emma and his protégé should have probably looked out for themselves a little more.

With this new weapon, you can start cutting up zombies as if you were playing Fruit Ninja and even modify it to improve it more.

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