Diablo 4 Unyielding Flesh Quest

During a visit to Yelesna, you encounter a troubled woman named Krystyna, who seems to be in a panic due to her husband leaving with another woman.

She claims that he heard him speaking with a woman and that they fled during the night and he has not been back since then.

Since the forest is dangerous, she has asked you to accompany her into the forest to search for her husband who is currently missing.

Unyielding Flesh Side Quest Diablo 4

How To Get Unyielding Flesh Quest?

To start the Unyielding Flesh quest, you will need to speak with Krystyna, who can be found within Yelesna just to the east of the Waypoint.

Unyielding Flesh ObjectivesHelp Krystyna find her Husband Feodor

1) Help Krystyna find her Husband Feodor

After speaking with Krystyna, you will need to head to the east of Yelesna where a marker is pointing you to the possible location where Feodor may be located.

You will need to search the area and will find Feodor bound by chains who appears to have been flayed by the woman he had run off with.

2) Confront the mysterious woman

Feodor will appear to have been put into an illusion where pain and suffering have become a pleasure and is now beyond saving.

Krystyna has asked you to go after the woman who has mutilated her husband, which leads you further to the east.

A location will appear on your map where you can find the mysterious woman and you will need to head to the area to confront her.

Slay Yulia the Hellbound

3) Slay Yulia the Hellbound

Upon reaching the mysterious woman’s location, she will transform into a demon, revealing what she truly was all this time.

Once Yulia has revealed her true form, you will need to fight her until she is slain before returning to check on Krystyna and Feodor.

4) Return to Krystyna

After you have slain Yulia the Hellbound, it is time for you to return to Krystyna and talk to her about what is to happen next.

5) Speak with Krystyna

Upon speaking to Krystyna, Feodor will be beyond helping and she will stab him with a “Fine Dagger” before leaving, claiming that you can have it.

6) Claim the Fine Dagger

As Krystyna leaves, you will need to interact with the Fine Dagger, which causes it to be pulled out, causing Feodor to continuously bleed out. (This ends the quest)

Unyielding Flesh Quest Rewards

Once the Fine Dagger has been pulled out of Feodor, the Unyielding Flesh quest will come to an end and you will receive the following rewards:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • 20 Fractured Peaks Renown
  • Fine Dagger (Rare Dagger)

The Fine Dagger will be different based on when you complete the quest and in this case, we got the Fissure Ire (Rare Dagger) that had a level requirement of 16.


It seems that Feodor sought a different kind of pleasure which is uncertain to be a lack of lust or if he was put under the influence of the demon.

One thing is for sure, Krystyna no longer saw that Feodor could be saved and had given up on the man she once loved.

Even after being flayed, stabbed, and left to bleed out, Feodor continued to bleed and live on due to some strange curse cast upon him.

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