Diablo 4 Kulle’s Heart Quest Walkthrough (Season 3)

After the events of Malphas’ invasion of The Loom and his defeat that ended up with it being destroyed, there is more to discover in The Gatehall.

While you were progressing through the Season Questline, you obtained journal entries written by Zoltun Kulle himself.

Some pages are still missing and now that you have already obtained a few, it’s time to search for the rest in the Vaults.

Season 3 Kulle’s Heart Side Quest D4

 Kulle’s Heart Objectives:

The Kulle’s Heart quest requires that you obtain the Journal Entries that were written by Zoltune Kulle before the time of his passing.

By the end of the Seasonal Questline, you will already have obtained 2 of these Journal Entries and are left to look for the remaining 3 from Wardwoven Chests.

How To Complete Kulle’s Heart?Vault of Cinders (Tier 15)

Since you will need to open Wardwoven Chests, this means you need to delve into the many vaults that can be accessed from The Gatehall. (After the Seasonal Quests)

Some players have noticed that the drop rate is very low, but we have another theory as the Wardwoven Chest dropped the Journal Entries after a few tries.

You already have 2 Journal Entries once you complete the Seasonal Campaign but if you notice that the others do not drop when you complete vaults, you should try Nightmare Vaults.

Once you are in the Torment World Tier, you will be able to obtain Nightmare Sigils and may salvage these at a Jeweler to get Sigil Powder.

Use the Sigil Powder to craft Vault Nightmare Sigils and you should expect to get a Journal Entry when you complete Nightmare Vaults.

Since the tiers for these vaults come in different ranges, we tested it out and discovered that there is a better chance to get an entry for completing each range.

These are the following:

  • Tier 1-5
  • Tier 6-10
  • Tier 11-15

While you can still get the Journal Entries on other tiers, this appears to be working for several players and is a good way to get better loot as you go at it.

Once you obtain the final Journal Entry, the quest will be complete.

 Kulle’s Heart Quest Rewards

Completing Kulle’s Heart will reward you with XP and Gold, which may appear to be a little shorthanded for the effort that a lot of players have been putting in.

Additionally, there is a Season Journey objective called Invasion of Privacy (Slayer Chapter) that requires you to get all the Journal Entries.

Completing Kulle’s Heart will complete the Invasion of Privacy objective.

Kulle’s Heart BuggedChapter Slayer Objectives Season 3 D4

The Kulle’s Heart quest is not bugged but it can be a real pain for some players, especially those who are not ready to grind Vaults.

It is best to work your way up to higher Nightmare Vaults, which will guarantee you will get the Journal Entries as you go along.

Testing out the Nightmare Vaults proved to be a good Kulle’s Heart Quest way to save time and this is either a mechanic in the game or possible due to the higher drop rate from the tiers.


Zoltun Kulle has left a lot behind and even Ayuzhan had been wondering where he went but it looks like time has taken its toll on everyone.

Although Zoltun Kulle is no longer at The Gatehall, the entries that he has written may be of use to someone in the future.

For now, you have endured and collected the journal entries and hopefully won’t need to do something as tedious as this in the future.

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