Diablo 4 Sigil Powder (How To Get, Farming & Uses)

Sigil Powder is a Rare Crafting Material that you can obtain later in Diablo 4, which can be used to create an item that alters dungeons.

This crafting material becomes vital in the late game as certain dungeons can be changed to provide you with better rewards for completing them.

While these are not available during the earlier parts of the game, you can get a lot of these once each World Tier 3 and start to get Legendary items.

Diablo 4 Sigil Powder

About Sigil Powder

Sigil Powder is said to be obtained using the Occultist to salvage Nightmare Sigils, regardless of what tier they are.

It is described as a mysterious powder that can be used to create relics that provide greater challenges, which of course will provide better rewards.

How To Get Sigil Powder?salvaging Nightmare Sigils to get Sigil Powder

Sigil Powder can be obtained by salvaging Nightmare Sigils, which are used to alter dungeons, and these can be obtained from Tree of Whispers rewards, Nightmare Dungeons or World Bosses.

If you find certain Nightmare Sigils unfavorable, you can salvage them at an Occultist to get Sigil Powder that can later be used in crafting different ones.

The more Sigil Nightmare Sigils that you salvage, the more Sigil Powder that you can get, and the tier plays a role when salvaging.

Sigil Powder can also be obtained by completing events, especially ones during the Helltide or Legion Events as the chests can provide you with Sigil Powder.

Sigil Powder Farming

Farming Sigil Powder is mostly done by obtaining Nightmare Sigils as this is one of the easiest ways to get it since you just need to salvage them at an Occultist.

Once you are ready to participate in more difficult events and even the Legion Events, you can start getting a good amount of them to turn into Sigil Power.

From time to time, you will eventually get Nightmare Sigils that you don’t want to use, and these are best for being salvaged instead.

Sigil Powder Uses

Sigil Powder can be used to create new Nightmare Sigils, which can be used to modify dungeons to create new challenges with better rewards.

This can be done by visiting the Occultist, which is where you will have the option to use Sigil Power to make the Nightmare Sigils.

Depending on how much Sigil Powder you have, you will be able to make more Nightmare Sigils and use them later when you want to modify dungeons.


Nightmare Dungeons are something that you will later want to delve into when you progress further in Diablo 4 to get better rewards.

It is ideal to craft Nightmare Sigils that you can use later to get more rewards for completing the Nightmare Dungeons as these can also provide Nightmare Sigils.

Once you continue to delve into Nightmare Dungeons, obtaining Sigil Powder will not be as difficult, especially when you continue to participate in events that drop the crafting material.

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