Diablo 4 Forgotten Soul (How to Get, Farming & Uses)

When it comes to upgrading your equipment, most of the equipment you have can reach level 5 and provide you with better stats.

When it comes to upgrading and altering your equipment, Forgotten Souls adds the final touch to make them reach their full potential.

These can only be obtained by exploring areas affected by the Helltide Event, which has multiple ways for you to obtain Forgotten Souls.

Diablo 4 Forgotten Soul

About Forgotten Soul

Forgotten Souls have been said to only be found during the Helltide, making them quite scarce unless the event happens.

It is still a mystery to those in Sanctuary as they are unsure if it is a sort of organ or simply a strange stone that is found during the Helltide.

How To Get Forgotten Soul?Interacting with Screaming Hell Vein to get Forgotten Soul

Forgotten Souls are only available during the Helltide and this can be obtained in certain ways, allowing you to get a good amount now and then. (Available in World Tier 3 after completing the main story)

During the Helltide a different vein appears, known as the Screaming Hell Vein, which drops Forgotten Souls, Silver Ore, Iron Chunks, and Aberrant Cinder.

Forgotten Souls can also be obtained by defeating Helltide Harbingers, which have a chance to spawn mostly during events in Helltide areas.

Opening Tortured Chests will also provide you with Forgotten Souls, which require that you have enough Aberrant Cinders to open them.

Forgotten Soul Farming

Farming Forgotten Souls can only be done during Helltide Events, and this requires that you complete events or explore the area.

Since the Helltide has a limited amount of time, you should be active in the area to make the most of its duration, but it also depends on what you do.

It is best to participate in any events that you encounter and look out for Screaming Hell Veins as you go around killing enemies to collect Aberrant Cinder to open Tortured Chests.

Forgotten Soul Uses

Forgotten Souls are required for upgrading Sacred and Ancient equipment, which allows you to upgrade your weapons, armor, and jewelry to level 5.

This allows you to boost the stats of your equipment to their maximum potential, providing you with an edge against your enemies.

Aside from being used to upgrade your equipment, Forgotten Souls are also used to enchant them, which allows you to replace certain stats that they provide with a new one.


Forgotten Souls are an important part of finalizing your equipment since they are used to reach the final level when it comes to upgrading them.

Aside from the upgrade part, the ability to alter the stats of your equipment will allow you to focus more on improving your build.

Although these may be limited to the Helltide Event, you can get a lot if you are active in the areas while they are in effect.

One thing for sure is that these can be obtained during the Helltide and you will need to visit the Blacksmith to upgrade items with them.

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