How To Get Nightmare Sigils in Diablo 4

When it comes to grinding dungeons, the rewards can sometimes be useful, but these can often result in stuff that you end up salvaging that has lower qualities.

To get better rewards from dungeons, you can use Nightmare Sigils to alter them, making them more difficult but yield better rewards.

Nightmare Sigils are obtainable once you have completed the main campaign and can be done by doing different activities in Sanctuary.

Feral's Den Nightmare sigil

What Are Nightmare Sigils?

Nightmare Sigils are consumables that can be used to alter specific dungeons, turning them into Nightmare Dungeons when used.

These provide you with better rewards at the end of a dungeon and can be used to alter a dungeon for everyone in the same realm as you.

Additionally, at the end of a Nightmare Dungeon, you can upgrade Glyphs that are placed on your Paragon Board to improve them.

How To Get Nightmare Sigils?Feral's Den Tier 1

Nightmare Sigils can be obtained initially by completing events, including Legion Events as well as the ones that are available in the Helltide.

Once you have a Nightmare Sigil, you use it to alter a regular dungeon and turn it into a Nightmare Dungeon, which can later provide you with even more of them.

Additionally, you can craft Nightmare Sigils once the option is available at an Occultist once you have obtained enough Sigil Powder.

How To Use Nightmare Sigil?

Nightmare Sigils can be used once you have logged into the game with a character, and this is done by opening your inventory and selecting consumables.

You can use the Nightmare Sigil right away from your inventory on any location on the map and the dungeon listed in it will be altered.

Each Nightmare Sigil alters a specific dungeon, which is shown on it when you view it in your inventory, and this also shows the different affixes that it has.

Affixes affect the monsters that you encounter and affect what you can do as well when you are exploring each Nightmare Dungeon.

How To Unlock Nightmare Sigil Crafting?

The ability to craft sigils becomes available after you have completed your first Tier 3 Nightmare Dungeon, which becomes available after using a Tier 3 Nightmare Sigil.

You will get a priority quest after completing the Tier 3 Nightmare Dungeon, which later unlocks the ability to craft and salvage them afterward.

Creating Nightmare Sigils allows you to craft different ones that you can use if you have Sigil Powder.

How To Unlock Nightmare Sigil Salvaging?

Just like with Nightmare Sigil Crafting, the ability to salvage Nightmare Sigils becomes available after the priority quest that is obtained after completing a Tier 3 Nightmare Dungeon.

Once you have completed the priority quest, you will be able to salvage Nightmare Sigils, providing you with Sigil Powder afterward.

This becomes handy when you get Nightmare Sigils that you do not need and will allow you to craft certain ones to use.


Nightmare Sigils are useful for farming endgame items as these often have better loot than standard dungeons that you find in Sanctuary.

You can carry multiple Nightmare Sigils and plan to use them later when you feel like grinding multiple dungeons for loot.

The more Nightmare Dungeons you complete, the more Nightmare Sigils you can get to later challenge higher-tier ones.

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