Diablo 4 Chapter 1 Season Journey (Season 3)

Season of the Constructs First Season Journey is meant to be a guide for those who have just started with the season.

This provides you with a few rewards, including some of the new Aspects that are added to this season that you can utilize for builds.

Most of the tasks in this Season Journey Chapter can easily be completed within a day and some you may not even do intentionally.

Chapter 1 Season 3 Diablo 4

Season 3 Season Journey Chapter 1 Objectives

  • Eerie Harvest – Collect 15 Lifesbane (Found in Kehjistan)
  • Beneath the Sands – Complete a Dungeon in Kehjistan
  • Trouble in the Wilds – Complete 2 World Events
  • Test of Mettle – Defeat 5 Elite Monsters
  • Waste Not – Salvage 10 Magic Items at the Blacksmith
  • Soulless Threat – Defeat 100 Constructs
  • Inauguration of Power – Equip 1 Governing Stone into your Seneschal Construct
  • Tiny Clarity – Upgrade your Potion to Tiny at an Alchemist

Season of the Construct Season 3 Chapter 1 Rewards

Completing the Season Journey chapter in the Season of the Construct will reward you with the following:

  • Greater Favor (Used to unlock Battle Pass Rewards)
  • First Journey Cache (Contains a number of Governing Stones, Turning Stones, Shattered Stones, and Iron Chunks)
  • Aspect of Sundered Ground (Upheaval Aspect)
  • Virulent Aspect (Rabies Aspect)
  • Shattered Spirit’s Aspect (Bone Spirit Aspect)
  • Resistant Assailant’s Aspect (Concealment Aspect)
  • Aspect of Shredding Blades (Ice Blades Aspect)


While most of the objectives in the first Season Journey may appear to be easy, this is a great way to prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead.

If you are using a class that may utilize the Aspects given to you as rewards, this can be a whole new journey with new builds.

It won’t take long for you to complete these challenges as some players tend to finish them even before taking a look at what needs to be done.

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