Diablo 4 Destroyer Chapter Season Journey (Season 3)

The Destroyer Chapter of Season of the Construct’s Season Journey sets you on a path to becoming even more powerful than in the previous chapters.

It is here that you will be mastering Nightmare Dungeons and completing your Paragon Board to further increase the capabilities of your character.

Grinding during this stage will involve stronger enemies but with the right gear, you will be able to surpass all of the challenges.

Destroyer Chapter Champion Season 3 Diablo 4

Season 3 Season Journey Chapter Destroyer Objectives

  • Exterminator – Defeat Echo of Duriel in Torment World Tier (Summon in Kehjistan)
  • Avatar of Sanctuary’s Might – Equip at least 8 Ancestral Unique items simultaneously
  • Glyphmaster – Improve 5 Paragon Glyphs to Rank 15 by completing Nightmare Dungeons
  • Seneschal Supremacy – Equip 4 different types of Legendary Tuning Stones that are Rank 10 to your Construct
  • Blessed Mother Departed – Defeat Echo of Lilith in Torment World Tier
  • Not All Who Wander – Defeat the Seething Abomination 5 times while Bloodmarked in Hostile Areas
  • Master of the Vaults – Complete Tier 90 Nightmare Vaults
  • Lootmaster – Open 10 Tortured Gifts during a single Helltide in Torment World Tier
  • Death Comes For Us All – Defeat the World Boss, The Wandering Death in Torment Tier
  • Treasures of the Damned – Defeat the World Boss, Avarice the Gold Cursed in Torment World Tier
  • Unyielding Scourge – Defeat the World Boss, Ashava the Pestilent in Torment World Tier

Season of the Construct (Season 3) Chapter Destroyer Rewards

You will need to complete at least 8 out of 10 of the objectives in the Destroyer Chapter to receive the following rewards:

  • Demon’s Player Title
  • Whisper Player Title
  • Destroyer’s Cache (Contains Pearls of Warding and Shattered Stone)
  • Malphas Image (Emblem)


While you focus on making your character as strong as possible, these challenges will provide you with rare loot that you can use as an upgrade.

Several of the challenges will require that you be prepared to face your enemies, which means you will need to upgrade as much as possible.

Completing this chapter in Season of the Construct Season Journey is a great way to earn more Favor for your Battle Pass.

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