Diablo 4 Season 3 (Season of the Construct) Quests List

The Season of the Construct involves a whole new story revolving around a location called The Loom, which was created a long time ago.

As time went by, the Constructs became abandoned, but an evil force discovered them and carried out plans to take over.

With the help of a certain individual, the Wanderer will try to put a stop to this evil before it can unleash the Constructs on the many towns in Sanctuary.

Season 3 D4 Questline

Season of the Construct Questline

The following are all the quests in Diablo 4 Season 3 that have the Wanderer working with Ayuzhan to put a stop to a demon called Malphas.

1) A Suppurated Wound

Season 3 A Suppurated Wound D4

You witness a commotion in Gea Kul and speak to a man named Osteg only to find out that people have been heading to an Unearthed Vault and coming back with mysterious runestones.

This leads to you making your way to investigate the Unearthed Vault where you discover the presence of Constructs that are hostile to all that enter it.

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2) The Yshari

Season 3 The Yshari D4

After fighting your way through Constructs, you find The Doorway to Nowhere, which makes your way through only to discover a voice speaking to you.

You continue to make your way through the strange vault where you encounter a Possessed Sorcerer and are forced to defeat him.

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3) The Ennead

Season 3 The Ennead D4

After defeating the Sorcerer, he wakes up from the possession and introduces himself as Ayuzhan, a sorcerer who has been in the vault for a long time.

This man helps you put together a Construct using what you have found along your way and leads you to Zoltun’s Study to search for answers.

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4) A Body Stolen, A Body Made

Season 3 A Body Stolen, A Body Made D4

You and Ayuzhan discover that Zoltun has been gone for quite some time and Ayuzhan realizes that he had been possessed for a lifetime as he has now become an old man.

The two of you make your way to The Gatehall before you are sent out to find the Vault of Copper in Scosglen to check on The Nursery, where the Constructs are made and stored.

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5) Drums of the Vault

Season 3 Drums of the Vault D4

Ayuzhan has started coming up with a plan to stop the demon named Malphas from taking over the Constructs, but preparations are needed.

You have been tasked to collect materials from Arcane Tremors that will be used to upgrade your Seneschal Construct, which will allow you and Ayuzhan to communicate across distances.

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6) A Smothered Ache

Season 3 The Smoldering Ache D4

Ayuzhan has decided that he will try to exorcise the demon called Malphos but to do this, he needs his Runecarving Tools.

This requires that you head to the Vault of Stone and fight your way through numerous enemies to retrieve the tools that you will bring back to Ayuzhan.

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7) The World He Knew

Season 3 The World He Knew D4

Even with the tools that you retrieved, Ayuzhan is not that experienced with dealing with demons, but the Vizjerei knew how to do this.

Ayuzhan has carved an Inert Runestone that needs to go through specific rituals to make it usable for the plan to exorcise Malphas.

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8) The Tumor

Season 3 The Tumor D4

You and Ayuzhan have everything that he believes is needed to take on Malphas and the two of you make your way to the Vault of Ink.

While things seem to be going well, this results in the two of you failing and a retreat is called by Ayuzhan where the two of you escape to The Gatehall.

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9) The Miracle

Season 3 The Miracle D4

After failing your previous attempt to hunt Malphas down, you make your way to the Vault of the Loom and finally fight him.

Ayuzhan has decided to destroy The Loom once and for all to make sure that no one else may use it ever again.

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10) The Span of Our Arms

Season 3 The Span of Our Arms D4

With Malphas defeated and The Loom destroyed, it can be imagined that this has devastated Ayuzhan as it was his life’s work.

You make your way back to The Gatehall to speak to the tired sorcerer, who has finally found peace after making his decision to destroy what he worked so hard to build.

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Season of the Construct Side Quests

Season 3 has included a Side Quest that players may begin once they arrive at The Gatehall that can be completed as they continue to play through after the Season Questline.

Kulle’s Heart

Journal Entries have been found and these were written by Zoltun Kulle himself but the collection at The Gatehall is incomplete.

You will need to search for the remaining Journal Entries by heading into the Vaults where you will attempt to retrieve them from Wardwoven Chests.


Malphas has done a lot of damage after taking over The Loom and to Ayuzhan’s despair, the sorcerer had been possessed and forced to work as a puppet to work on it.

It was only after you had freed Ayuzhan from Malphas’ grasp that the two of you were finally able to defeat this demon, but the toll was the destruction of The Loom.

Zoltan Kulle has disappeared, and it is still a decision to be made if Ayuzhan will search for him or rebuild The Loom in the days to come.

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