Diablo 4 A Body Stolen, A Body Made Quest Walkthrough (Season 3)

The journey into the Unearthed Vault had led you into a dangerous dungeon filled with hostile constructs and at the end of a path was a possessed sorcerer.

Now that the sorcerer has been freed from Malphas, he seems to have regained control and should be spoken with to find out what he knows.

Ayuzhan is still alive but it is unsure how long you have before Malphas attempts to retake control, which makes it important to find out what is to come.

Season 3 A Body Stolen, A Body Made D4

A Body Stolen, A Body Made Objectives:

  • Interact with the Gatehall Waypoint
  • Return to Ayuzhan in the Gatehall
  • Speak with Ayuzhan
  • Inspect Ayuzhan’s Map
  • Find a Way into the Vault of Copper in Scosglen
  • Clear the Entrance to the Vault of Copper
  • Search the Vault of Copper for the Nursery
  • Destroy the Corrupted Conduits
  • Slay the remaining Conduits
  • Progress through the Nursery
  • Open the Door
  • Destroy the Corrupted Conduits
  • Slay the Remaining Constructs

A Body Stolen, A Body Made Quest WalkthroughInteracting with the Gatehall Waypoint

You and Ayuzhan previously split up and just a short walk away from Zoltun’s Study is a gateway that will take you to the Gatehall.

Head into the gateway and you will be teleported to Gatehall, where you must now interact with its Waypoint, allowing you to fast travel back and forth to it.

After unlocking the Waypoint, make your way to Ayuzhan in the Gateway and speak with him to find out what the next steps will be.

Returning to Ayuzhan in the Gatehall

Upon reaching Ayuzhan, he will be electrocuting what appears to be a portal that has been blocked by Malphas and will give you instructions on what to do next when you speak to him.

Ayuzhan needs you to head to Scosglen to enter one of the buried vaults where the constructs are crafted and kept to find out if Malphas is producing more of them.

You will need to fast-travel near Scosglen and head for the marker to find the entrance to the Vault of Copper. (Follow the marker on your map)

Searching the Vault of Copper for the Nursery

Upon reaching the entrance to the Vault of Copper, there will be enemies that you need to clear out before you enter the vault.

Once you have cleared all the enemies, enter the Vault of Copper and proceed to make your way through the different areas until you reach a room with Corrupted Conduits.

You will need to destroy the Corrupted Conduits and progress further by entering a gateway that teleports you to The Nursery.

Opening the Door to destroy more Corrupted Conduits

Fight your way through the area until you reach a locked door, which requires that you find a Keystone located south of the door.

Bring the Keystone back and use it to open the door where you will need to destroy more Corrupted Conduits.

Once the Corrupted Conduits have been destroyed, finish off the remaining Constructs in a room called The Cradle and the quest will end as Malphas begins to speak.

A Body Stolen, A Body Made Quest Rewards

After clearing the remaining constructs in The Cradle, the quest will be complete and a new quest called Drums of the Vault will begin.

Completing A Body Stolen, A Body Made will reward you with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold


As you continued to make your way towards the Vault of Copper, you noticed how more enemies were waiting outside to attack.

Upon venturing within the vault, it seems that Malphas has already gained control of The Nursery, which is bad news for everyone.

After escaping a deadly encounter and freeing as many of the possessed as you could, you will now return to Ayuzhan to tell him what you discovered.

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