Diablo 4 Malphas (Location, Fight, Strategy, Drops & Challenging)

Malphas, who also appears as the Echo of Malphas in higher-tier worlds, is a boss that can be found in The Loom within the Vault of the Loom.

This is a boss that was introduced in Diablo 4’s Season of the Construct and serves as the main antagonist during Season 3.

Players must traverse through a series of Vault instances within the Vault of the Loom to reach Malphas to defeat him once they arrive.

Malphas boss in Season 3 of Diablo 4

Malphas Location

While doing the Seasonal Campaign, players will encounter Malphas for the first time during a mission called The Miracle as he serves as the boss at the end of the Vault of the Loom.

After the Seasonal Campaign, Malphas or the Echo of Malphas can be found in The Loom, which can be reached by heading to The Gatehall and entering the Vault of the Loom dungeon.

How To Challenge Malphas?Zoltun's Warding

Before you may challenge Malphas, you will need to first obtain key objects that are used to unlock a door found within The Descent.

These are scattered across four different Gateways, which lead you to an instance of the other Vaults that you have traveled to during the Seasonal Campaign.

After going through each Gateway, fighting your way through enemies, and surviving for 30 seconds in a sealed room, you will find a key object.

All 4 of these key objects must be brought back to The Descent and placed on the correct Pedestal, which will open up the gate that leads to Malphas.

Malphas Fight (Attacks)

Malphas seems to only have one basic attack, which is to hurl spinning blades but he is still deadly because of his ability to summon Conduits, which each have their element.

1) Summon Conduit

Malpha summons a conduit in one of the 4 spots in the arena, which will continuously unleash attacks based on their element. (This can be destroyed or will deactivate when you stun Malphas)

2) Razor Projectiles

Malphas tosses 3 rotating gears that will deal damage to you or your companions if they pass through or hit any of you. (These can easily be avoided by dodging)

Malphas Strategy

There are two ways for you to take out Malphas, which is to either attack him straightforwardly while avoiding his traps until he is defeated or to destroy his conduits.

While it is possible to take him out easily by attacking him continuously and dodging the attacks from the Conduits, some players find it easier to take out the conduits first.

If you decide to go for the conduits, you can destroy them to reduce the amount of damage you take and focus on Malphas when there are none active.

Malphas DropsVault of the Loom

The Wardwoven Chests will contain rare to high-quality equipment along with an additional Pearl of Warding or 2 with several amounts of Gold.

Additionally, you may obtain Governing Stones and Tuning Stones, which may be equipped on your Seneschal Companion to make it stronger.


The fight against Malphas is an easy one but on higher difficulties, he can deal more damage and can sometimes be a challenge for even experienced players.

While the fight with Malphas can be very quick, players often take more time going through each of the Gateways and surviving for the given amount of time. (30 seconds each in 4 areas)

The more you challenge Malphas, the more rewards you can get, which includes some of the rare Governing Stones and Tuning Stones for your Seneschal Companion. 

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