Diablo 4 Seneschal Companion Guide (How to Get & Use)

The Season of the Construct introduced new enemies, which were Constructs that had been created from The Loom, but a demon named Malphas took over everything.

With the many Constructs running loose and causing mayhem, you eventually get one of your thanks to a man named Ayuzhan.

Throughout the Season of the Construct, this Seneschal Companion will assist you as you fight back against Malphas and continue your grinding afterward.

Season 3 Seneschal Companion D4

How To Get Seneschal Companion?The Seneschal Construct in Diablo 4

The Seneschal Companion (The Seneschal Construct) is a mechanical construct designed to attack and defend its owner and this becomes available during the Season of the Construct questline.

You obtain an Inert Construct during a quest called The Suppurated Wound, which happens when you are exploring the Unearthed Vault.

During the quest called The Ennead, you release a sorcerer named Ayuzhan from Malphas’ control and he helps you put The Seneschal Construct together and activates it.

How To Use Seneschal Construct?Seneschal Companion fighting with the enemies

Your Seneschal Companion will automatically fight enemies when you are engaged or if you have attacked an enemy until none are left. (It will ignore enemies until the fighting starts)

When in a fight, this companion will use normal attacks while also making use of its abilities based on what Governing Stone and Tuning Stones it has equipped.

Governing Stones provide the Seneschal Companion with different attacks while Tuning Stones support them with additional stats and effects.

Governing Stones

Governing Stones act as the Seneschal Companion’s abilities, providing it with either melee or ranged attacks as well as utility abilities such as protecting you.

These can be equipped and swapped for other Governing Stones, and you will be able to have 2 different ones active at a time.

Depending on how you play, you can modify your Seneschal Construct to use the attacks you want to either have as a frontline in a fight or to support you when you attack.

Governing Stones may be obtained during Season 3 by completing Braziers while Vaults provide a chance for rare variants.

Tuning Stones

Tuning Stones may be equipped in up to 3 slots per Governing Stone, allowing you to alter each ability with 3 different stats or effects.

You may swap Tuning Stones just like you would with Governing Stones to adjust/modify the way your Seneschal Companion works.

Each Governing Stone can be altered by a Tuning Stone, providing you with different effects based on what bonuses they give.

Similar to Governing Stones, these may be dropped by completing Braziers and are also obtained by completing Vaults. (Vaults have a chance to give rarer ones)

Braziers and VaultsBraziers in areas

Braziers and Vaults are the best way for you to get Governing Stones and Tuning Stones, with Vaults being the better option for getting rarer loot.

You may complete Braziers in areas where there are Arcane Tremors while Vaults can be accessed in the Gatehall once you have completed the Seasonal Campaign.

These may be farmed throughout the season to get you a lot of loot as well as the stones needed to upgrade your Seneschal Construct.


The Seneschal Construct has a lot of potential and can deal a lot of damage to enemies, making it a good addition to any class that you choose.

Since this construct cannot be destroyed (only staggered), it will be able to fight alongside you no matter how powerful your enemies are.

The addition of the Governing Stones and Tuning Stones can be beneficial to certain buildings, making this one of the best ways to farm awesome loot during the season.

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