Diablo 4 Arcane Tremors (Location, Activities & Rewards)

Arcane Tremors are a type of event brought by the Season of the Construct, which allows you to farm resources to progress toward endgame farming.

Players will be able to stumble upon various activities in areas where Arcane Tremors are present, allowing them to obtain the materials added in Season 3.

These areas will often have Constructs roaming around while activities such as Obelisks and Braziers can be found.

Arcane Tremors event in Season 3 D4

Where To Find Arcane Tremors?

Arcane Tremors are locations that have seasonal activities such as Obelisks and Braziers, which are needed to obtain Pearls of Warding.

You will be able to distinguish such locations by checking your map to see if these activities are present, which also means there will be a lot of Constructs in the area.

The activities in these areas will often reset, allowing you to redo them but the cooldown is sometimes best waiting for by going to another Arcane Tremor before returning.

Arcane Tremor Activities

Arcane Tremor Activities can be done to get resources that are needed for you to progress in the season and continuously grind for loot and Seneschal Governing Stones and Tuning Stones.

Braziers and Obelisks will have elements that will determine what type of enemies will spawn in the area as well as what damage can be done to you.

1) Obelisks

Voltaic Obelisk in Season 3 D4

Obelisks are structures scattered around in Arcane Tremor, which will often be defended by enemies and will have an active trap.

These traps will attempt to push you away since your goal is simply to interact with the Obelisk, which will cause it to drop loot, including an Elemental Core.

This is the main method of obtaining Elemental Cores, which are needed along with Shattered Stones to light up the Braziers.

2) Braziers

Braziers in Season 3 D4

Braziers are the next step after you have obtained enough Shattered Stones and Elemental Cores, which are activated by consuming these items.

Once you interact with a Brazier, enemies will spawn and you will need to defeat them along with a Herald of Malphas.

The Herald of Malphas must be defeated to get loot, which will include a Pearl of Warding, which is used in the Vaults. (You may also get Governing Stones and Tuning Stones)

Vaults (Gatehall)Gateway: Vault of the Loom

Vaults are the endgame activity in the Season of the Construct and challenge you with clearing the Vault while having a buff called Zoltun’s Warding active. (This is collected in stacks)

Zoltun’s Warding is obtained by interacting with a Statue of Zoltun Kulle, which provides you with 10 stacks at the cost of a Pearl of Warding.

These stacks will be reduced when you take damage from traps and when you reach the end, they can be used to open the Wardwoven Chests for rewards.


The Wardwoven Chest requires a certain number of stacks of the Zoltun’s Warding buff and if you lack these upon reaching the end, you can always go back to the statue to get more.

It is sometimes better if you clear the enemies first before getting Zoltun’s Warding, to avoid any hassle when making your way to the end of the vault.

Wardwoven Chests provide you with good loot, which often includes Legendary and better equipment, Seneschal Governing Stones Tuning Stones, and even more Pearls of Warding.

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