Diablo 4 Champion Chapter Season Journey (Season 3)

Being one set of challenges away from reaching the last chapter in the Season Journey, the Champion Chapter puts you to the test when it comes to grinding.

These challenges will require that you face some of the older enemies that were introduced in previous seasons while the Fields of Hatred must also be visited.

Completing this chapter may be a bit difficult and may take some time but the Champion’s Cache you get at the end is worth the trouble. (The Epic Favor too!)

Chapter Champion Season 3 Diablo 4

Season 3 Season Journey Champion Chapter Objectives

  • Heir to Transcendence – Equip Ancestral Legendary items in every slot
  • Veteran of Ashes – Acquire 6,666 Aberrant Cinders during Helltide
  • Harbinger of Ice – Defeat The Beast in the Ice in Torment World Tier (Summon in Nightmare Dungeons with Distilled fear)
  • Forgiveness – Defeat Lord Zir in Torment World Tier (Summon in Fractured Peaks with Exquisite Blood)
  • Keeper of Nothing – Defeat Echo of Malphas in Torment World Tier (Summon in the Vault of the Loom with Pearls of Warding and Shattered Stone)
  • Panoply of Power – Acquire all 12 Governing Stones
  • Plexus Arsenal – Acquire 25 Tuning Stones
  • Mephisto’s Bane – Purify 33,333 Seeds of Hatred at an Altar of Extraction
  • Bastion of Humanity – Reach Level 90

Season of the Construct (Season 3) Chapter Champion Rewards

You will need to complete at least 8 out of 10 of the objectives in the Champion Chapter to receive the following rewards:

  • Epic Favor (Used to unlock Battle Pass Rewards)
  • Champion’s Journey Cache (Contains late-game resources, Scattered Prisms, Shattered Stone, Pearls of Warding, and Ancestral Legendary Items)


The Champion Chapter of the Season Journey helps you close in on the endgame activities during the Season of the Construct.

You will find yourself facing more enemies and will need to obtain more stones to improve your Seneschal Construct even further.

It is expected that you will be around level 80 to 90 during this time and will eventually have a set of powerful equipment to help you grind.

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