Diablo 4 Season of the Construct Vaults (Location, Rewards & How to Do)

At the end of the Season Storyline, Diablo 4 allows players to continue grinding to their hearts’ extent and this is mainly done with the Vaults.

These are dungeons found in the Gatehall, which allow players to grind through a challenging dungeon to get not only loot but also Governing and Tuning Stones for their companions.

This will allow you to get new equipment as you level up and improve your Seneschal to help you in your fight against the evil spread across the land.

D4 Season 3 Vaults

Where To Find Vault Dungeons?Vault Dungeons

You may find the Vaults within the Gatehall and all of these may be done repeatedly if you log in and out of the game.

These are Vaults that you have encountered during the Season Storyline, which allow you to repeat them with a slight twist.

The Vaults can be seen on your map when you are in the Gatehall and will have the season icon marking them as activities.

How To Do Vault Dungeons?The Stoneworks

Vault Dungeons are quite simple as all you need to do is make it to the end while having Zoltun’s Warding active.

Zoltun’s Warding is a buff that can be purchased using Pearls of Warding, which gives you 10 stacks per Pearl of Warding.

Your goal is to reach the end of the Vault to open the Wardwoven Chest but there is a catch, this will cost a certain number of Zoltun’s Warding to be opened.

Zoltun’s Warding will be reduced by 1 stack every time you take damage from hazards (traps) while you are in the Vault. (You lose all stacks if you leave the Vault early)

How To Get Pearls of Warding?

Pearls of Warding are best found at Arcane Tremors, which is where most of the seasonal activities can be found.

You will need to use Shattered Stone and Elemental Cores at a Brazier in Arcane Tremors to summon a Herald of Malphas.

Once you have defeated the Herald of Malphas, you will be able to loot a Pearl of Warding along with other loots that are dropped.

Aside from doing Brazier Activities, you will be able to get Pearls of Warding by completing the Vault Dungeons. (Obtained from Vault Coffer.

Vault Rewards

At the end of a Vault Dungeon, there will be chests that you can loot to get rewards, which include one being the Wardwoven Chest and the other a Vault Coffer.

Wardwoven Chests are known to provide you with valuable loot, which may include upgrades for your Seneschal Companion.

This activity is one of the easiest to do if you can make your way around the many traps in the Vaults but then again, you can always clear the area before getting Zoltun’s Warding.


Being an activity that is unlocked after the Seasonal Storyline, Vaults will remain the main activity for most players for some time.

It is best to keep upgrading your gear as well as your Seneschal Companion to easily progress through the Vaults to get rewards quickly.

If you find yourself running out of Pearls of Warding, it would be best to stick to the Braziers until you have a good amount of them.

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