Diablo 4 The Gatehall Location & Features (Season 3)

Diablo 4’s Season of the Construct has introduced a new location for players to return to, which is full of Constructs that are on your side.

This location is called The Gatehall, which is where you will often find Ayuzhan and may have access to Constructs that provide you with NPC services.

Getting to The Gatehall is not hard as you will easily find it as you play through the Season Quest and may continue to travel to it whenever you like afterward.

Season 3 The Gatehall Waypoint D4

Where is The Gatehall?

The Gatehall is in the Scouring Sands found within Kehjistan and you can reach it easily by going northeast from Tarsarak.

You will of course have to go through the Seasonal Campaign first and once you find Ayuzhan, you will eventually arrive at The Gatehall.

The closest dungeons to The Gatehall are the Halls of the Dead and Fading Echo dungeons, which are only a short ride away.

How To Enter The Gatehall?Entering The Gatehall

There are two ways for players to get to The Gatehall after being introduced to the location during the Seasonal Questline.

One of the ways to easily get to The Gatehall is to fast-travel to its Waypoint, which you are required to activate during the quest called A Body Stolen, A Body Made.

Another way to go inside The Gatehall is to go through its main entrance, which is the same one that was previously mentioned.

The Gatehall FeaturesThe Gatehall benefits

The Gatehall acts as a safe zone for your character and includes several features that you would find in most of the towns.

You may access the following in The Gatehall:

  • Elbek – Purveyor of Curiosities
  • The Almoner – Occultist
  • The Armsman – Weapons Merchant
  • The Cofferer – Jeweler
  • The Physician – Alchemist
  • The Forgeman – Blacksmith
  • The Cup-Bearer – Healer
  • Stash
  • Wardrobe
  • Exit to the Scouring Sands
  • The Gatehall Waypoint
  • Various Vault Dungeons
  • Kulle’s Heart Season Quest

All the NPCs in The Gatehall are Constructs except for Elbek and Ayuzhan.


The Gatehall is a great place to complete the upgrades you need for various equipment, which includes the Seneschal Companion.

You can access Vaults at The Gatehall to farm loot and upgrades for your Seneschal, which are mainly the Governing Stones, Tuning Stones, and equipment.

Kulle’s Heart is a Season Quest that requires you to open Wardwoven chest to find journal entries, which you may interact with once you return to The Gatehall. (Reading all 5 completes the quest)

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