Diablo 4 A Suppurated Wound Quest Walkthrough (Season 3)

The start of Season of the Construct begins with you investigating a commotion that is happening in Gea Kul and this will lead you to a whole new journey.

It appears that something has been luring the townsfolk to a certain dungeon where they return with mysterious runestones.

Something has taken control over the people who have them and it looks like your best bet is to witness what is happening.

Season 3 A Suppurated Wound D4

 A Suppurated Wound Objectives:

  • Investigate the commotion in Gea Kul
  • Speak with Otseg
  • Pick up the Mysterious Runestone
  • Speak with Otseg
  • Find the Unearthed Vault
  • Enter the Unearthed Vault
  • Explore the Fetid Cleft
  • Inspect the Inert Construct
  • Slay the hostile constructs
  • Enter the Gateway
  • Explore the Abandoned Foyer

 A Suppurated Wound Quest WalkthroughSpeaking with Otseg

Once you start with a new character, you will need to head over to the commotion that is happening nearby, which will reveal that there are people who have been possessed by demons.

A man named Otseg will be nearby and you will need to speak to him after doing this, one of the possessed will escape and leave behind a Mysterious Runestone.

Approach the Mysterious Runestone and interact with it to pick it up before heading back to Otseg to speak with him again.

Entering the Unearthed Vault

Otseg will give you instructions on where to go to find the source of the runestones that people have been going to in search of treasure.

It appears that the people who were possessed were tricked into searching for treasure but instead came back as puppets controlled by something evil.

Once you have found the Unearthed Vault, you will need to head inside and begin exploring the area called the Fetid Cleft.

Slaying the hostile constructs

You will eventually reach a room that has an Inert Construct on the ground and will need to interact with it to pick it up before you continue your search.

Just as you pick up the Inert Construct, a group of hostile constructs will appear, which you must destroy before you can move on.

After defeating the hostile constructs, proceed further into the vault by going through a portal that leads you to the Gateway.

Exploring the Abandoned Foyer

Upon entering the gateway, you will need to travel south as you fight your way through more constructs like the ones that you first encountered.

Fight your way through the enemies in the rooms until you reach the Abandoned Foyer and continue making your way to the next room to complete the quest.

 A Suppurated Wound Quest Rewards

Once you have gotten into the room on the other side of the Abandoned Foyer, the quest will be complete, and a quest called The Yshari will begin.

Completing A Suppurated Wound will reward you with the following:


Someone or something must have been luring people into the vault and the only way to find out what it is will be to keep on going.

You have discovered a new type of enemy of sorts, constructs that appear to be the vault’s defenders that are now hostile to everything.

By continuing through the vault, you will eventually meet someone who has a part to play in all of this madness and who may or may not be a potential ally.

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